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There is no real recipe for miso soup, that delicious Japanese broth. But rather an idea of the ingredients used and especially the proportion, because we can quickly feel lost with the ingredients that have no explanation. But most importantly, one can be indecisive about which dough to buy. There is no manipulation and the soup is ready the time to boil water… Miso soup is one of the most consumed items in Japan. Impossible to imagine a meal without it. There are regional or seasonal variations but I give you here a basic version as it is found everywhere in the Land of the Rising Sun!  

Recipe of miso soup for 4 persons:
-1 liter of water
-1 bag of 10g of dashi
-2 large tablespoons of fermented soybean paste
-100g of soft tofu
-Chinese onions, seaweed, mushrooms…

Here is one of the packages that exist in Japanese supermarkets (Hi-Mart on Sainte Anne street). It is simply fermented soybean paste.

The other essential ingredient is dashi powder. There are boxes with bags of 5g or 10g. 10g are suitable for one liter of broth and 5g for two people, 500ml.

The third almost systematic element of miso soup but not essential is the soft tofu.

Put the dashi in the pan.

Pour in the water and add the spoonfuls of miso paste. You can use more or less, but this amount I’m giving here is fine. But after all, everyone has their own taste. 

Cut the spring onions into small pieces and the tofu into cubes.
Put the green part of the spring onion and the tofu in the bowls. 

And the white part (which can cook a little more) in the pan. All that remains is to pour the simmering soup into the bowls… 

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