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Pink Pralines

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I’ve been talking about it for a long time, so here is my recipe for pink chocolates. I have tried to present you with chocolates as they are really made in the Lyon region. Considering the not inconsiderable price of these little devilish things, it will be much cheaper to make them yourself. You can keep them in an airtight box for a long time. The only thing: to get the real pink pralines, you have to add the sugar in three times (unless you have a rotating praline vat). It’s not at all complicated, nor as time consuming as it sounds. I find it rather amusing and relaxing: you have to mix and you can think about 1000 things… A little passage in the oven to dry them well and they will be ready to be used in many recipes !

Recipe for 750g of pink chocolates:

-125g of hazelnuts
-125g of almonds
-450g of sugar
-red colorant

Place one third of the sugar, 150g, in a large pan with a little water (to soak it) and a few drops of red coloring. You can also use powdered dye, you will need a tip of a knife. 

Mix well and bring to a boil over fairly high heat.

When large bubbles appear, add the almonds and hazelnuts.

Stir constantly. Lower the heat a little if necessary.

After a while, the syrup will start to crystallize, the whole thing will sand.

Keep mixing so that the sugar coats the dried fruit.

On one side you’ll have the dried fruit and on the other side sugar that won’t stick, it’s like pink powdered sugar. Let it melt partially so that it adheres to the hazelnuts and almonds. 
Place on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. 

Sort the dried fruit and put all the remaining sugar (the unglued one) in a pan with 150g of extra sugar.

Add a little red dye and water. Bring to a simmer over low heat until the sugar cubes are all melted. 

Return the dried fruit to the pan. Do not light the fire under it yet. First, bring the syrup to a boil until it reaches 124°C. 

When the syrup approaches 124°C, you can light the fire under the pan.

When the syrup is at the right temperature, pour it over the dried fruit while stirring.

Coat them well with the syrup that will sand again as before. 
Let the sugar that doesn’t want to stick melt a little. 
Remove to a paper, then sort again: pralines on one side, sugar that won’t stick on the other. 

Put the pink sugar with the remaining 150g of sugar in a pan with the coloring and water. Let it melt and then bring to 124°C. Place the pralines in the pan, then while stirring, add the syrup at the right temperature. 
With this third operation, the syrup will coat the pink pralines. 

Mix, let the syrup coat.

Let the stubborn sugar melt a little. 

Pour on a paper. Normally, there is almost no sugar left that doesn’t want to stick.

Last operation: put the chocolates in the oven at 70°C for 45 minutes to dry them well. You can then keep them for a long time in an airtight box to enjoy them as they are, or use them in fabulous recipes to come… 

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