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Pork, Lychee and Peanut Panang Curry

Difficulté : Easy
Catégorie : Savory
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After publishing several curry recipes on my cooking blog (red curry, green curry, yellow curry, the massaman curry) where I presented you the methods to make “homemade” pasta, which can be quite tedious but nevertheless infinitely delicious, I present you a panang curry with a ready-made paste for a bluffing result of flavors and especially much faster to prepare. I just came back from Bangkok where I enjoyed this panang curry with pork, lychees and peanuts and I couldn’t wait: as soon as I came back I started to try it! So I propose you my version which was swallowed very quickly by all my guests. This curry is a journey in itself. Thailand invites itself into the pot, especially with a good homemade sticky rice! A curry that I will make again and again…

Recipe of panang curry with pork and lychees for 6 to 8 persons:

-900g of boneless pork loin
-2 tablespoons of oil
-75g to 100g of panang curry paste (depending on the strength of chilli you want)
-1,5 liter of coconut milk for cooking
-1 tablespoon of fish sauce
-2 teaspoons of palm sugar or vergeoise sugar
-500g of fresh or canned peeled and pitted lychees
-200ml of lychee juice (the one in the box is perfect)
-7-8 kaffir leaves (or more)
-100g unsalted roasted peanuts
-a dozen flat coriander leaves (larger, but classic coriander will do just fine)

-glutinous rice (recipe HERE

This is the panang curry paste. This paste, which can be found at Tang’s or in Asian grocery stores, works very well, especially if you have a craving for curry…! Next to it is the pork loin.

Put the oil in a large pot over fairly high heat. Add the curry paste. You can go easy on it and add it later if you’re worried about the curry being too strong. 
Stir so that the curry wriggles a little in the hot oil.

Add the special coconut milk. 

Allow to heat and bring the milk to a boil. Meanwhile, cut the pork loin into small pieces. 

Add them to the boiling coconut milk. 

Cut the kaffir leaves into thin slices. 

Put them in the curry. 

Wash the cilantro and cut it into pieces.

Add the leaves and also the fish sauce. It is to the taste of each one, it is necessary to taste the curry. When the fish sauce is added, the curry takes on a somewhat special smell. But don’t worry, everything goes back to normal afterwards!

Don’t forget the sugar. Pour in the lychee juice at this point. After the first cooking, you will add the lychees to prevent them from spoiling.

Let the curry cook on a more moderate heat for a good hour. The meat will tenderize well and the flavors will develop. 
Then coarsely chop the peanuts in a blender.

It should not be too fine a powder. 

Direction curry! 

Finally, add the lychees.

Simmer for another 20 minutes. It is time to taste to adjust the elements: more or less sugar, curry paste, lychee juice, lemon leaves… 

Finely chop kaffir leaves again to place on top of curry before serving hot with glutinous rice. Finely cut, the kaffir leaves are easy to eat! 

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