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Praline (in paste and praline powder)

Difficulté : Easy
Catégorie : Sweet
Cout : Affordable
The praline is not eaten as is, it is especially at the base of many recipes of chocolate sweets and desserts. Making the praline is very simple and doesn’t take much time. It can be made with almonds, hazelnuts or both together!

Recipe for 400g of praline:
-240g almonds with skin (or hazelnuts or 50/50)
-160g of sugar
-15g of water
Pour the sugar into a pan. Place over medium heat.
Add water and start boiling.
When the sugar is at 121°C, (without a thermometer you can manage very well, the sugar starts to form thicker and thicker bubbles, the syrup becomes thick too) add the almonds all at once.
Mix well with a wooden spoon to coat each almond with sugar.
At this point, the sugar will sand, which means that it will crystallize again. Always keep mixing.
The sugar will then melt again, this time by caramelizing.
Once all the sugar has caramelized, remove from heat.
Pour the entire contents of the pan onto a heat-resistant silpat or oiled marble.
Let cool completely.
Once this caramel slab is hard, break it into pieces.
You can keep one or more pieces for a cake decoration or to eat it as it is (with a mint tea it is divine!). These pieces must be kept in an airtight box!
Put the rest in a blender. And start with successive pulses.
After a few seconds you will have a praline powder that you can put aside for ice cream or praline creams. Keep this praline in an airtight box!
¨For a praline paste, let the mixer run until you have an almost liquid consistency. It depends on the power of the mixer. Here are the photos of all the successive steps. But do not doubt that we can obtain a paste from dry and hard elements! The longer you leave it in the blender, the more the dough will be ground.
Finally, here is the result after an average of 5 minutes of grinding. Store this praline paste in a clean jam jar in a cool, airtight box.

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