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Shanghai Basil

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Nearly 4 years ago, I proposed a cocktail recipe that has remained orphaned on the blog. It was Thaïzeed (recipe HERE), made with chilli, combava and ginger. I don’t usually post alcohol recipes here, but I recently went to a delicious restaurant in Shanghai that offered this basil cocktail. Very surprising at first, it is in the second that follows, totally delicious ! For me, this is hands down, the cocktail of summer 2017. All my friends are already raving about it!

Ingredients for 4 cocktails:

  • 125g of sugar
  • 30g of basil
  • 165ml lime juice
  • 225ml of water
  • iced vodka (put in the freezer the day before)
  • crushed ice

For this delicious cocktail, use organic basil!

First, squeeze the lime juice, you need at least 165ml of it. That’s about 5 limes.

Pour the juice, water, sugar and basil into a blender.

And mix to have a green liquid without any trace of basil leaf.

Prepare the glasses.

Put in half of the crushed ice.

Pour in a third of the iced vodka and top up with the mixed base.

Enjoy without delay!

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