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Shiitake Crunch Pie

Difficulté : Easy
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The other day, I bought a ton of shiitake mushrooms because I love these very fragrant mushrooms that are not used much in cooking. I designed this pie with a slightly creamy interior and a very crispy, buttery exterior. I wondered what to put in this pastry and thought about adding some parmesan cheese and hazelnuts to flavor the shortcrust pastry. And it works wonderfully with the shiitake in its slightly garlicky cream. I can already feel the questions coming: yes it’s good but if we don’t have shiitake, how do we do it? Well we improvise as always with the salty which can always be adapted to the taste of each one! We can put any mushroom and put a classic shortcrust pastry. I give you here simply a combination that works very well and is really arch-delicious. I found my fresh shiitake in Paris at Tang Frères, in some Monoprix stores, but also in Japanese grocery stores on rue Sainte Anne. If the price around you becomes insane, you can find another mushroom because I don’t know the price and the availability of shiitake everywhere in France and abroad.

Shiitake pie recipe: (for one 22-23 pie or two 16 pies)
-250g of flour
-115g of cold butter
-35g of hazelnut powder
-30g of parmesan cheese
-10g of sugar
-1/2 teaspoon salt
-1 egg

Prank call:
-600g of shiitake mushrooms
-15g of butter 
-2 tablespoons of olive oil
-2 cloves of garlic
-30cl of full cream
-1 level teaspoon of chicken stock powder
-1 egg
Start by preparing the dough: put all the ingredients except the egg and the water in a bowl or the bowl of a mixer.

Sand well with the “k” of the robot or by hand. Add the beaten egg. The mixture remains sandy, then add cold water in very small quantity and in net (while mixing) until obtaining a paste.

Mix the whole to obtain a homogeneous paste without working it too much. 

Lay flat on a piece of cling film (to make it easier to work with the roller), wrap well and then chill for the rest of the recipe. 

Here are the shiitakes! A very fragrant mushroom that remains soft after cooking. A bit like the bolets.

Cut the shiitake into pieces, no matter if it is well done or not. 

Put the butter and olive oil in a frying pan. 

When the butter is simmering, add the shiitake mushrooms. 

Let them cook for 7-8 minutes, stirring regularly. 

Add crushed garlic cloves. 

The whole liquid cream. 

Cook for 3-4 minutes, then add the teaspoon of chicken stock powder. This ingredient is of course optional (like everything else in this case) but really contributes to the success. 

Let the cream thicken slightly. Remove from heat and allow to cool (this is to safely add the egg!!). 

Spread the dough on a piece of parchment paper (to avoid getting it all over the place and especially to facilitate handling).

Shape the circle, making sure you have the right angle on the inside, then cut off the excess dough. 
For the technique see HERE (the bourdaloue pie) or THERE (the quiche lorraine).

When the cream is warm, add the egg and mix well.

Pour the mixture into the pastry circle. 

Breathe in deeply to get the full scent of the shiitake, garlic and cream.

Put in the oven at 180°C for about 30 minutes. It is necessary to supervise and adapt as always the cooking to its own oven. The pie should be well golden, but above all the pastry should be cooked (you can see it on the edge of the circle). 

Carefully remove from the bottle and place on a rack or serve directly with a good salad! 

Enjoy your meal! 

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