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Tamagoyaki (Japanese omelette)

Difficulté : Easy
Catégorie : Savory
Cout : Low cost

Here is the “tamagoyaki” that I learned to make thanks to Kazuo, owner of the restaurant Hinodeya at 71, rue du Trône in Brussels, that I invite you to discover. Yes, I went there to meet Kazuo who wanted to teach me Japanese recipes. One of the advantages of having a cooking blog is to be able to meet a lot of people, always enriching! I learned with him some tricks to make sushi and maki. I will address them later on the blog. But to begin with, let me introduce you to the tamagoyaki, tamago meaning egg and yaki: grilled. It is a Japanese omelette, but very particular because it is slightly sweetened and also contains dashi. It is especially its design that is worth a look! You can eat it warm or cold, it doesn’t matter and devour it as is or on rice to make sushi. 

Recipe of tamagoyaki:
-6 eggs
-40ml of water
-2 teaspoons of sugar
-1 teaspoon dashi powder
-1 pinch of salt

In the 40ml (or grams) of water, put the sugar. 

Add the dashi powder. Dashi is a Japanese powder made of seaweed and dried bonito that can be found in Japanese supermarkets. 
Mix until the sugar and dashi are gone.

Break the whole eggs into a bowl and beat them into an omelet. 

Add the sweet dashi liquid and mix again. 

This is the tamagoyaki pan. You can find it on the internet or always in Japanese supermarkets. Oil it lightly. 

Pour a little of the mixture, about 2mm thick. 

Let cook and then fold in half. 

Pour some of the mixture back in, lifting the already cooked omelette so that the liquid runs underneath. 

Once the egg is seized, fold the right side to the left. 

Slide the omelet to the right. 

Then repeat: pour the liquid, passing it under the omelet by lifting it with a spatula or chopsticks. 

Once seized, fold up the whole towards the left then hop one slides towards the right. 

 Do this until the omelet is gone. When finished, slide the tamagoyaki onto a plate. 

You can eat it hot by cutting it in slices, or let it cool down completely, then put it in the fridge to eat it cold, or even in sushi ! 

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