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Difficulté : Easy
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I’m taking advantage of making a tartiflette to post it on my cooking blog. I didn’t think about doing it before, because I thought everyone else knew how to do it. I was at the market the other day and in front of me was a magnificent reblochon fermier, and I couldn’t resist! Among the names of recipes, there are few that immediately make your mouth water, that bring you back to a (guilty?) pleasure, that make you want to take refuge under a blanket while cooking. Tartiflette ! We know how simple things can give a wonderful result, it is very true with her. The tartiflette is obviously Savoyard (the tartifla being the potato), but it is so anchored in our collective imagination, that we imagine it ancestral. Although it is actually quite recent (before the 50’s? after the 70’s-80’s? Opinions differ.), it is derived from the péla, an older recipe based on potatoes and onions, and different from the tartiflette in the way it is cooked. As the season begins to cool down, let’s warm up with this delicious dish! 

Recipe for 6 to 8 people: 
  • 1 farmhouse reblochon cheese 14 cm in diameter (this is the big one)
  • 25g of semi-salted butter
  • 3-4 tablespoons of oil
  • 1,4kg of potatoes 
  • 400g of bacon
  • 2 large onions
  • 20cl of white wine
  • 20cl of heavy cream
  • salt, pepper, nutmeg
Start by peeling your potatoes.

Put the butter and oil in a casserole/frying pan. I use a casserole dish here that is perfect for cooking potatoes because it doesn’t stick at all. 

Cut the potatoes into pieces and pour them into the casserole over moderate heat.

I put a lid on it and let it cook for 20 to 25 minutes, keeping an eye on it. I make sure the potatoes cook and brown at the same time. You have to mix them, being careful not to  damage them. You can add salt and pepper to the potatoes.

Meanwhile, in a frying pan, pour the lardons over high heat.

Slice the onions.

Stir regularly. Add the onions.

Don’t forget to add salt and pepper to taste. Be careful with the salt because the lardons are already salted. Add a little grated nutmeg. 

When the onions become a little softer, pour in the white wine. Let cook for 5 minutes and then turn off the heat.

When the potatoes are cooked and browned, pour in the bacon/onions.

One last little mix and you’re done!

Pour everything into a gratin dish at least 28 cm long (to fit the reblochon). 

Cut your reblochon cheese in half.

Spoon the cream into the dish.

Place the Reblochon halves on top of each other, with the rind facing up.

Pepper again.

Put in the oven at 195°C for 20 minutes if the onion/potato mixture is still hot when you put your tartiflette in the oven. If it was cold, then bake for 30-35 minutes at 175°C.  In any case, the crust must be toasted. Serve immediately! 

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