Accueil Savory Turnips with Sugar Glaze

Turnips with Sugar Glaze

Difficulté : Easy
Catégorie : Savory
Cout : Low cost

A simple method for glazing vegetables. I do this here with turnips which will then be caramelized and slightly translucent! We often have a rather negative preconception about turnips, even though they are delicious. And what a great smell in the kitchen! You can apply the same method with carrots or vegetables that can be cooked for a long time. Anyway, this recipe is perfect to accompany for example a red meat. A real delight…
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Recipes for glazed turnips:
-1kg of fresh turnips
-100g of sugar
-50g of semi-salted butter
-the juice of half a lemon
First, carefully peel and wash the turnips.

Put the butter in a saucepan over moderate heat.

Add the drained and wiped turnips. 

Add the juice of the half lemon. 

Then add the sugar (in the picture, there is not much, because I only have a third of the recipe and the sugar was already dissolved) and salt normally. 

Then add water to completely cover the turnips. 

Cook until the water is completely gone. 

At this point the butter will start to caramelize the turnips that have been cooking in the sugar water. 

When the turnips caramelize, add water again to dissolve the caramel that will color it.

Let the water evaporate again and caramelize again. You can add a dash of water to dissolve the caramel and let the turnips color in this caramel colored water. Repeat until you have beautiful caramelized and translucent turnips. 

In any case, let the water evaporate so that the turnips are well coated with butter and not with cooking water. Serve immediately with meat and other vegetables…

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