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Variation on “Green Giant” Corn by Sylvain Sendra

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This time, I was invited with a group of bloggers (I was the only boy!), by the brand Géant Vert, to come and taste a dinner concocted by Sylvain Sendra. This talented young chef was awarded the Jacquart Trophy for the rising star of gastronomy. It was a perfect opportunity to discover his inventiveness on the theme imposed by Géant Vert: organic corn from appetizer to dessert! For me, it is one of the only vegetables that can withstand canning. And the challenge was met with flying colors, for a meal full of surprises. I invite you with me to discover the wonders we tasted, and the recipes of Sylvain Sendra. It was also a way to get to know some nice bloggers and their tempting blogs! 

This is Sylvain Sendra, 32 years old chef, officiating at the Itinéraires restaurant at 5, rue de Pontoise, in the 5th arrondissement of Paris. An address that really deserves a visit!

A room welcoming and bright. I didn’t have the opportunity to see its menu, as the meal was ordered from the Géant Vert brand, but judging from the customers at the tables next to it, I will definitely come back.

To begin the meal, we are offered a starter with a flute of champagne. I’m not a big fan of oysters, nor of cucumbers, but here’s a cooked oyster mousse on a cucumber mousse, with some crunchy corn kernels and slices of piquant pink radish. And it turns out to be delicious. A light and daring appetizer. 

 The entrance arrives without delay and we quickly discover the talent and creativity of Sylvain Sendra! A tasty sea bream tartare topped with a corn and lemon mousse. 
-2 boxes of giant green corn
-juice of one lime
-2 sheets of gelatin
-4 sea bream fillets, cut into large cubes
-1 bunch of coriander
-2 limes
-1 onion, finely chopped
-2 tablespoons of olive oil
-a few sprigs of fresh dill
-a carrot cooked “al dente” cut in julienne
Empty the two cans of corn and collect the juice. Mix 3/4 of the corn. Add the juice and the soaked gelatine leaves. Blend again with the lime juice. Fill a siphon with the gas cartridges and shake well. Keep in a cool place for at least two hours. 
Mix the diced sea bream with the chopped dill and coriander, the juice of the two limes, the olive oil, the onion and carrot and the last quarter of the corn. Arrange on a plate and add the corn mousse. 

Next comes a fillet of cod perfectly cooked and grilled on the skin, served with a corn ratatouille.

It’s not over yet and we continue with a lamb filet cooked to perfection (a marvel!!), served with mashed potatoes and corn. 
-1 can of green giant organic corn
-4 large potatoes
-30g of butter
-4 fillets in the saddle of lamb
-4 sage leaves
Peel potatoes and cut into large wedges. Cook them in boiling water or steam them. Puree them with the butter. Blend the can of corn without the juice. Add the creamed corn to the mashed potatoes. 
Pan-fry the lamb saddles, making sure to place a sage leaf inside each fillet. Serve immediately with mashed potatoes!

For dessert, a vanilla panna cotta with corn mousse. Corn is naturally sweet, so it pairs well here with a mint granita and crumble bits! 

Nothing to do with corn, but just for the pleasure of the eyes, the little mignardises served with the coffee. Mini vanilla macaroons and fondant financiers.

As the kitchen is open to the room, you can see the chic tiled kitchen and the phenomenal work that the professional   cooks produce all the time. This is where you realize how difficult this job is.

So don’t miss to come one day to eat in this restaurant imaginative, and if you think that I am not objective, just read the reactions of the customers, to realize that the quality and the flavours are always there!

Keep this name in mind, because I am sure that we will hear about Sylvain Sendra and that he will be among the greats of French gastronomy.
Before going back to Géant Vert, I invite you to discover the blogs of my two tablemates! 
Nawal with her blog and Laurence with Popotte Land .

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