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Here is a new section with which I will punctuate the site from time to time, while waiting for the recipes… “My Culinary Journeys”! It will contain some pictures of my travels, but always from a gastronomic point of view! Over time, I will describe the recipes I discuss. So today, the West Indies where I just came back from. And on the program, a quick overview of the accras and the planter and the market of Fort de France! You can find the culinary reports under the recipe index in the left column! See you soon! 
Ocotobre 2010: I added recent pictures of the market of Fort de France…

So here is my first very quick report!
So I found myself in Point à Pitre in Guadeloupe and I decided to go and photograph the accras, these delicious little cod fritters. They can be prepared with other fish and also some seafood.

On my way to meet Caroline, our chef of the day, I walked in the sun under a tropical heat. All the colors are heavenly!

I even met a few large iguanas sunbathing.
On the road, a fruit seller. Especially these pineapples always so delicious. And the mangoes to make a sorbet!
And here is Caroline who gave me an appointment to make me some accras! Unfortunately I arrived too late and the dough was already ready! But don’t panic, she explained it all to me so I’ll post a delicious recipe soon after I try it out!
As you can see, the dough is quite liquid. And the preparation of the accras is done with two spoons before plunging them into the boiling oil.
The accras are ready as soon as they are golden brown. They are really good, especially with a cool glass of planteur or ty punch!
And here is a Creole plate with black puddings, white puddings, accras just out of the oil, a stuffed crab, and a large prawn. All this makes me hungry for more!
Here I am this time at the market of Fort de France, with first a small tour on the side of the cathedral…
And here’s the deal.
With all its exotic fruits… 
Like this vegetable, called “christophine” in the West Indies or “chayotte” elsewhere, which is made into gratins. It is also known as chouchou.
And the “apples cinnamon” or “attes”. 
And the famous plantain from which we make alocos or “patacones“! 
And all the other local products! Like vanilla, tapioca flour, rum…
But also spices like the one we use for colombo!
And the cinnamon stick, much more impressive than the one you can find in the supermarkets of metropolis…
And for the others, there are also flowers and baskets…
And one of my favorites, nutmeg. The Indians of India use the bark (the yellow one) to realize some very perfumed dishes…
And other fruits that I honestly don’t know!
And here are two pastries from Martinique… The coconut pie, a kind of shortcrust pastry with a filling of coconut jam. 
And the coconut macaroons! A pure marvel!

For the planter, you need a solid base on which you can then add some variations!

With this recipe, you are already off to a good start:
-1 scoop of orange juice
-1 scoop of pineapple juice
-1 scoop of guava juice (this is the most important, the one that gives the velvetiness!)
-1 measure of amber rum
-1/2 measure of liquid cane sugar
-a few drops of angostura
You can of course vary the fruit juices (but the guava must stay!) and adjust the rum content! It’s a good excuse to taste…
To be enjoyed on a beach…. Okay, at home too!
My recipe(s) for this trip:

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