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Bernard’s workshop at “Les Reines”: Macaroons…!

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Here are the pictures of the first macaroon class on Sunday, July 10th… I found this workshop particularly enjoyable, as I was delighted to see the students happy to get their macaroons right. Everyone left with a box of 16 macaroons, 8 with salted butter caramel and 8 with orange blossom. Come and see the report to make you want to participate! To register for the next macaroon classes on August 6th and 7th at 2pm, send me an email at [email protected]

Come and find the reports and the course program on my new blog: “L’Atelier de Bernard”.

Everyone is welcomed with his sleeve and the famous recipe for orange blossom macaroons.

There’s no age limit for getting involved!

Even pregnant, you have to check the temperature of the sugar…

Everything has to be weighed and some people are on sugar duty! 

With my exclusive method, it’s impossible to miss your macaroons! To discover the secrets, you must register quickly!

All the macaroons baked perfectly.

I think the students will have a hard time waiting for the 24 hour rest, necessary to the macaroons.

The macaroons are filled one by one with the pocket.

A real macaroon factory was born at the Queens!

In the end, the macaroons await their fate.
Everyone leaves with their own airtight box (that the students bring), to put them in the fridge right away.
And as always, we did not escape to the traditional   photo and mint tea. Thank you to everyone for coming and to the Queens for making my classes possible.

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