Accueil Savory Coleslaw


Difficulté : Easy
Catégorie : Savory
Cout : Affordable
This salad of green cabbage, carrots and raisins, the “coleslaw” is a salad that often comes back when we make buffets with family and friends and it is particularly appreciated…! I learned how to do it in the United States  a long time ago. It goes perfectly with barbecues. Again, as with some dishes, the photo does not do justice! But this salad is easy to make and really delicious…

The coleslaw recipe is really simple and I chose this variation for its simplicity! You often see coleslaw with shredded vegetables, but so does the version I’m suggesting. This  is not an eccentricity on my part! For the sauce, I am a fan of good mayonnaise with a whisk, but for this recipe and especially the volume of sauce (I double the recipe most of the time!!) I make a mayonnaise without mustard (is it still a mayonnaise??) with an immersion blender. I advise everyone to buy this marvel, it is one of the essential tools in the kitchen! The sauce is ready in a flash! I guarantee that this salad will be a big hit on a picnic table!
Coleslaw” recipe for 6 people:
-1/2 green cabbage
-6 carrots
-5 cives or spring onions
-salt pepper
-90g of blond raisins
-1 egg
-250ml of oil
-25ml of vinegar
CoStart by peeling the carrots.

Put some of the carrots (not all!) in the blender.

And blend in successive pulses to chop the carrots, but not too much either, otherwise there will be nothing left but puree!

Place the carrots in a large container (to facilitate mixing later). Do the same with all the carrots.

Remove the hard core of the kale with a knife.

And chop it in pulses like carrots.

Put the cabbage with the carrots. For the sauce, I don’t make a classic mayonnaise but I use an extremely fast process! To do this, you need a hand blender and the bowl designed for it.
Put all the ingredients for the sauce in the elongated container and turn the blender on the bottom. The sauce will take instantly!

This sauce is perfect for this recipe! Pour most of the sauce over the vegetables.

Mix well and add the raisins.

Cut the cives with a knife.

Mix well, season with salt and pepper and chill for at least two hours before serving.

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