Cout: A little expensive

Slow-cooked lamb and grilled vegetables

I am delighted to have been contacted to make a recipe in partnership with the Irish counter. Already because I had the chance to go to Ireland for a culinary trip and in addition I have a little family who lives in Dublin. I was asked to make a recipe with Irish lamb, which I had already discovered on the spot and it is true that it is very famous. I offer you this lamb sirloin gently cooked under vacuum, with an alternative solution if you do not have this possibility of cooking. The result is very tasty with an intensely flavored sauce, and I accompany this meat with oven-roasted vegetables and fried potatoes.

Croque-monsieur Brillat-Savarin, ham and tartufata

After the holidays, I had a jar of tartufata sauce left over, basically mushrooms with truffle oil. It’s super rich in taste and it’s a delight with lots of things. I suggest this association, rather than a real recipe, with Brillat-Savarin, this very creamy cheese and ham. This gives a perfect result: a crispy croque-monsieur on the outside and soft and melting on the inside, ideal for a quick meal with a good salad!

Pan-fried Orzo pasta, chanterelles, chicken and nut-sage pesto

Olav offered me a nice partnership for a recipe with their pots and pans. I’ve been looking for a way to offer you a recipe, where everything is done in the pan I received. So I give you this dish that I particularly like, especially during the fall, my favorite season! Everything is done in a frying pan, first on the fire, then in the oven and it is ready in 45 minutes. The walnut sage pesto is a pure delight, and mixes perfectly with orzo pasta, prepared with chanterelles. You can of course change the mushrooms!


Tiramisu Amarena

I recently made this amarena cherry tiramisu for some friends, as I had just bought a large jar of these delicious, incredibly fragrant cherries. I remade the tiramisu for my cooking blog to offer you the recipe. If you prefer the classic tiramisu, know that the recipe has been available for years HERE! To compensate for the syrup, I reduced the sugar a lot. The result is a tiramisu with an airy texture that holds together, and a strong cherry flavor, without being overly sweet at all. Then it’s up to you if you add more cherries!

Tuna salmon poke bowl with mango-passion sauce

whole grain rice with marinated salmon and tuna and lots of goodies, to go with an organic beer Uhaina IPA ice cold (silver medal Paris 2020)! It’s summer on the plate! I often eat poke bowls, because the few times I buy them, I’m always a little disappointed, so I might as well make it myself. In addition to that, I put here a mango passion sauce that will deliciously excite the taste buds!

Fried Chicken

This is my second recipe (out of 3) for my partnership with Uhaina Organic Beers! This time I suggest an American fried chicken that will be perfect with a cold lager! I give you all the little secrets to get the beautiful texture of the chicken. It should be cooked well and not fried in too hot oil, which will color the chicken without cooking it inside. With a sauce and a good salad to accompany it, it smells like a vacation with friends!

Crunchy Summer Salad

Let’s go for 3 recipes in partnership with Uhaina organic beer! I love ice cold beer in the summer and I was asked to create 3 sunny recipes for this original French organic brand. We start with the white one with a colorful and crunchy salad, full of good things, amazing textures and delicious flavors. I suggest a tomato salad, with avocado, figs, bell pepper, pomegranate seeds, red onions, crispy Lebanese bread with olive oil, but most of all a very tasty sesame cream sauce!


Extra crispy Taiwanese popcorn chicken

Here is the second step by step recipe of my facebook live of Monday, July 5, 2021 for Taiwan Tourism! I also put you the video in replay. This crispy Taiwanese popcorn chicken with Thai basil is just sensational! The texture is incredible and the flavors unexpected. To be made again and again as an appetizer or as a main course, served with a little sautéed rice for example. Thanks to the tapioca starch, this chicken will stay crispy until the next day…


Avocado, salmon and Samurai sauce inverted Makis

I had tasted these inverted makis in a “fusion” restaurant in Santiago, Chile with two friends. Although not very traditional, they were really delicious. I had proposed on the blog, Japanese makis with chilli salmon and Korean gimbaps with chicken. Two similar techniques, but with vinegar rice for the first and sesame oil rice for the second. As we are clearly on the “fusion food” here, I wanted to test a rice both vinegared (in lesser proportions) and with sesame oil. The result is perfect for me. Here with crispy shrimp and cooked and smoked salmon, the makis are rich but decadent and appetizing.

Crispy shrimp

Here’s a simple recipe for crispy, golden shrimp. They are perfect as is with the sauce of your choice, or to incorporate into another recipe that I will tell you about very soon here on my cooking blog!