Cout: A little expensive

Chocolate Mochi

It seems like forever since I last made mochis for the blog. I had even put some in my first book “Mes desserts” published by Flammarion in 2014. There was a time when I went to Japan 3-4 times a year, and I plan to go back to continue discovering this fascinating country. I suggest these chocolate mochis, which do not contain any bean paste. I work here in the microwave for a quick and easy result. A little treat for those who love the amazing texture of mochis!


Chocolate and coffee truffle pie

With autumn setting in and the cold weather inevitably gaining ground, I propose a rich and comforting pie with a foretaste of the end of the year party! A crunchy, low-sugar cocoa and crunchy cocoa nib pastry filled with a dense chocolate cream with a consistency similar to that of chocolate truffles, with a hint of coffee to underline the chocolate and cocoa flavor. A little delight to be enjoyed fresh or at room temperature!

Gnocchi with pumpkin, nuts and sage butter

Following my recipe for pumpkin gnocchi, here is a very autumnal recipe for cooking them! I suggest a bed of walnut pumpkin puree, pan-fried gnocchi, crispy sage butter, sprinkled with walnuts and toasted squash seeds! A real delight, both visually and in taste. This dish can of course be accompanied by meat or not, because it is almost enough in itself!

Apple pear hazelnut crumble with milk chocolate and praline

As fall begins to make itself felt, I’ve come up with a recipe that incorporates lots of delicious ingredients that evoke this beautiful season. Apples, pears, milk chocolate, praline and hazelnuts, all in a crispy hazelnut pastry. I’m sure this crumble will cheer you up in the best way possible! I, for one, love to come home when it’s chilly and warm up with a nice slice of dessert from the oven!

Cocoa nut cake

I propose a cake recipe, this time not very sweet, with coffee, cocoa and nut flavors. It is rich in chocolate and cocoa, and if you use very strong dark chocolate, the cake will be even less sweet. As is often the case with my cake recipes, it will taste better the next day after a night in the fridge!

Slow-cooked lamb and grilled vegetables

I am delighted to have been contacted to make a recipe in partnership with the Irish counter. Already because I had the chance to go to Ireland for a culinary trip and in addition I have a little family who lives in Dublin. I was asked to make a recipe with Irish lamb, which I had already discovered on the spot and it is true that it is very famous. I offer you this lamb sirloin gently cooked under vacuum, with an alternative solution if you do not have this possibility of cooking. The result is very tasty with an intensely flavored sauce, and I accompany this meat with oven-roasted vegetables and fried potatoes.

Croque-monsieur Brillat-Savarin, ham and tartufata

After the holidays, I had a jar of tartufata sauce left over, basically mushrooms with truffle oil. It’s super rich in taste and it’s a delight with lots of things. I suggest this association, rather than a real recipe, with Brillat-Savarin, this very creamy cheese and ham. This gives a perfect result: a crispy croque-monsieur on the outside and soft and melting on the inside, ideal for a quick meal with a good salad!


Pan-fried Orzo pasta, chanterelles, chicken and nut-sage pesto

Olav offered me a nice partnership for a recipe with their pots and pans. I’ve been looking for a way to offer you a recipe, where everything is done in the pan I received. So I give you this dish that I particularly like, especially during the fall, my favorite season! Everything is done in a frying pan, first on the fire, then in the oven and it is ready in 45 minutes. The walnut sage pesto is a pure delight, and mixes perfectly with orzo pasta, prepared with chanterelles. You can of course change the mushrooms!


Tiramisu Amarena

I recently made this amarena cherry tiramisu for some friends, as I had just bought a large jar of these delicious, incredibly fragrant cherries. I remade the tiramisu for my cooking blog to offer you the recipe. If you prefer the classic tiramisu, know that the recipe has been available for years HERE! To compensate for the syrup, I reduced the sugar a lot. The result is a tiramisu with an airy texture that holds together, and a strong cherry flavor, without being overly sweet at all. Then it’s up to you if you add more cherries!


Tuna salmon poke bowl with mango-passion sauce

whole grain rice with marinated salmon and tuna and lots of goodies, to go with an organic beer Uhaina IPA ice cold (silver medal Paris 2020)! It’s summer on the plate! I often eat poke bowls, because the few times I buy them, I’m always a little disappointed, so I might as well make it myself. In addition to that, I put here a mango passion sauce that will deliciously excite the taste buds!