Cuisine: Italienne


I was recently offered a collaboration with , an online family butcher (the Dubois family) based in Rungis. The principle is simple: you order and you receive the order

Coquillettes Ham Tartufata

With friends, we sometimes eat at the Bouillon in Paris. It’s really inexpensive, well served and very good! I had ordered this dish several times and I found that I

Cacio e pepe

I have just returned from Rome where I spent a few days of vacation again, that I already offer you a really simple recipe! The translation being “cheese and pepper”.

Pasta with mushrooms and kale

A simple and invigorating dish, that’s all I love this season! I offer you this pasta dish, here mafaldines, with a preparation based on kale and mushrooms. With white wine,

Tiramisu Amarena

I recently made this amarena cherry tiramisu for some friends, as I had just bought a large jar of these delicious, incredibly fragrant cherries. I remade the tiramisu for my

wild garlic pesto

It’s still the season, so I’m taking advantage of it. Wild garlic pesto is totally irresistible! I put it everywhere, in pasta, coral lentils, on bread… Again, a thousand thanks

Veal Meatballs with Smoked Scarmoza

I love meatballs, but then these surpass any I’ve ever had. I have a friend, Gaëlle, who is a very good cook, who once made me this recipe that she

Risotto with Boursin® and zucchini

I have a new recipe for you, this time in partnership with Boursin® with garlic and fine herbs. This risotto is absolutely delicious and creamy with simple ingredients. I added