Accueil Empadas de Frango com Catupiry

Empadas de Frango com Catupiry

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First recipe for these Brazilian empadas! But what is it? These are small salted pies, usually filled with shrimp, hearts of palm or chicken. I chose, for this first version on my blog, the creamy chicken ones, my favorites! “Empadas de frango com catupiry” means: empadas with chicken and catupiry, catupiry being a very famous industrial cheese in Brazil. It can be substituted in this recipe as it is one of the elements of the recipe but not the main one. In Brazil there are empadas, empadinhas which are small empadas and empadão which is the same thing in a pie size version! Come and try this easy recipe and bite into this delicious and crumbly dough to discover its creamy chicken heart ! 

Recipe for 12 “empadas de frango com catupiry”:
-400g of flour
-280g of semi-salted butter at room temperature
-1 egg

Creamy chicken stuffing:
-700g of chicken breast
-2 tablespoons of oil 
-1 onion
-4 cloves of garlic
-2 tablespoons chopped parsley
-1 tablespoon of double tomato paste
-2 tablespoons of flour
-250ml chicken cooking water
-200g of catupiry or Kiri (but not Vache Qui Rit)
-24 green olives
-salt pepper
-1 egg yolk for gilding
Cook the chicken breasts in boiling salted water for 10-12 minutes. It all depends on the size of the blanks. They still need to be soft.

Save the cooking water for later. Let cool whites. 

Finely chop the onion. 

Peel the garlic.

Cook the onion in a large skillet with the two tablespoons of oil. Add crushed garlic.

Flake the chicken with a fork. 

Add the chicken to the pan. 

Mix well and add the parsley and double tomato paste. 

Simmer for two minutes, then add the flour. 

Mix well then add the chicken cooking water (250ml). 

Simmer until the liquid thickens a bit. Add catupiry or Kiri!

Mix well, taste to season with salt and pepper.

Let the filling cool and prepare the dough in the meantime. 
Put the flour and butter in a bowl. 

Mix well to sand. If the butter clumps too quickly, don’t worry! Add the egg. 

Let the food processor run for agglomerate the dough (or do it by hand!).

Quickly roll out the dough on a work surface. The easiest way to do it is to roll out the dough on a parchment paper (on the picture, it’s a stretch film, very impractical! But I didn’t have any more paper for the picture!). Fill a small greased baking pan with a first layer of dough, making sure it sticks out. Fill with the stuffing. 

Add two halved olives. 

Put a second layer of dough on the pan. 

Seal the edge with the hand to make well hermetic the empadas. 

When sealing, the paste will eventually fall out naturally. 

Do the same with all the empadas. 

Brush with egg yolk. 

Bake at 190°C for 20-25 minutes until the empadas are well colored. 

Enjoy it warm! 

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