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Difficulté : Easy
Catégorie : Sweet
Cout : Affordable
I love gianduia! I have always loved this Piedmont specialty ! So when I came across this mold, I immediately wanted to make a giant one of more than a kilo and a half! During the holidays, you can put it on a plate and slice it as your friends visit! We start as for the hazelnut paste very fluid (you need a good mixer), then we add chocolate and cocoa butter, that’s it! And you don’t need this giant mold to make this gianduia. You can pour it in any format you want! 

Gianduia recipe:
  • 800g of whole raw hazelnuts without skin 
  • 400g of powdered sugar
  • 115g of cocoa butter
  • 280g of black or milky blanket 

Before I begin, I should point out that the proportions used above are quite enormous. They are perfect for the giant gianduia mold I bought. You can of course do only half or even a quarter and then pour in a classic frame!
Place the hazelnuts on two baking sheets (or in two batches) and roast them for 12 minutes at 170°C.

They will bloom nicely.

To make a giant gianduia, I make the hazelnut paste in 4 batches. Otherwise the blender is too full. Put 200g of hazelnuts and 100g of powdered sugar and reduce it to a very fine paste. It all depends on the quality of your blender. 

You can see all the steps HERE in pictures because it is in fact hazelnut paste, even if there is in my gianduia, much less powdered sugar. 
The dough must be as fluid as possible! 

Melt the cocoa butter and the chosen couverture (dark or milky). The cover is the pro chocolate used. Its cocoa butter content is different. Here in photo, the cocoa butter. 

I made the recipe twice, once with milk cover (as below) and once with the black cover. For these chocolates, take the brands Cacao Barry or Valrhona.

You can melt the cocoa butter and couverture in a double boiler or in the microwave in thirty second increments. 

Mix with the hazelnut paste.

Here is the mold used. I bought it at Simon or Mora in Paris. It is the brand Silikomart. Of course, you can mold the gianduia into just about anything you want. 

Pour the entire amount into the pan to the brim.

You can also use pie circles, frames etc… 

For the black version, here it is in pictures! 

One sees well here my madness of the gianduia…  Black Gianduia.

Gianduia with milk…

Place in a cool place until the gianduia has completely hardened. Once set, it will hold up pretty well at room temperature (unless it’s hot!).

A little food gold. For the milky version, I put it everywhere!

For the black version, I just put a line. But you can do without it completely!

Obviously this is not a dessert! To be sliced when friends visit! 

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