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This is the culinary journey of Hong Kong! Let me quickly introduce you to some of the specialties I love to try when I go there! You will discover the dim sums, and the delicious noodle soup with won-tons! I will also introduce you to a restaurant called “Din Tai Fung”, which is in fact a chain of restaurants (it’s the only one I like!!) that makes delicious “xia long bao”!

Here I am this time in Hong Kong. There are so many things to discover from a culinary point of view, that it is impossible to present everything here! I also had to censor some pictures, because there are some very special things in China!

To begin, I went immediately to dine at “Din Tai Fung”. I first discovered this chain in Singapore, but it actually started in Taipei. It has received awards and the “New York Times” even pinned it as the best restaurant .
Everything is really clean and it’s a pleasure to see the cooks preparing the little raviolis. 

 Each one has his task, one rolls the dough (prepared on the spot!) and another puts the stuffing inside. A  third farm with impressive dexterity the little ravioli!

They are then placed in a bamboo steamer basket and brought to our table!

 And here is the result! Perfect little ravioli with a really thin dough (I don’t understand because it doesn’t even puff up when cooked!!!).

They should be eaten with care as they contain a delicious juice! The pork is cooked to perfection! They are eaten with a little soy sauce, chili oil and a little grated fresh ginger!


But there are other specialties, like these little raviolis with civet and mushrooms! The dough is always so thin and they are not even greasy!!!

Hong Kong is truly an amazing city! And the English influence is still felt! 

The next morning (a Sunday), we went to Hong Kong Island to do a Yum Cha worthy of the name! It is in fact a Cantonese meal which literally means “drinking tea”. It consists of drinking jasmine tea and eating small dim sum. And the dim sum “little pieces of hearts” are small dishes that range from chicken feet to delicious little shrimp ravioli!
For my Sunday Yum Cha, I went to the “Luk Yu Tea House”, one of the oldest tea house in Hong Kong, opened in 1933.

The waitresses come by with the dishes and hand out the ones we ordered!

I should be ashamed of my meal alone, but not even that!


With these delicious shrimp bites coated with …. paste made from shrimp meat! 

And the small “siu mai” with pork and shrimp! 

And the “har gow” with its translucent pastry and wonderful shrimp filling! 

I later strolled through one of the many markets that Hong Kong offers!

With the lacquered ducks…

The fishmongers.

The famous durian, thorny fruit, dangerous to handle and with a very particular smell! 

There are many small street restaurants and sometimes you should not hesitate to order noodle soups or fried noodles!

And here is the “won ton” ravioli noodle soup! It is a base of chicken broth with noodles that can be rice or egg based and ravioli filled with either pork or shrimp!

The ravioli were perfect with lots of fresh, crunchy shrimp! Dipped in a chili sauce, they are delicious!

Here is a chain of store present in all Southeast Asia, “Bee Cheng Hiang”.

It offers exclusively very tender and sweet meat pieces grilled on charcoal. It is really very good but I have not yet understood in what circumstances and with what it is eaten…

Hong Kong (like the rest of China) offers a lot of things we don’t know, like these dried mussels!

Or other shells… I admit I don’t know much about their use!

Many products are also used in Chinese medicine. But it’s true that curiosity outweighs the desire to actually buy them!

And in some cases, we even wonder if it is vegetable or animal! In this case it is finally dried roots…!
Besides, in Hong Kong, there are manya lot of things that dry! Like these poor chickens…

These little fishes… In short, everything is there! 
Hong Kong has such a variety of food that I couldn’t go any further! Just look at the number of restaurants in this little street. But my trip to China is just beginning! Beijing will soon arrive! 
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