Ingrédient: cornstarch

Fried Chicken

Here is my second recipe (out of 3) for my partnership with Uhaina organic beers! This time I propose an American fried chicken that will be perfect with an ice

Blueberry Doughnuts

Generous doughnuts, soft and filled with blueberries, not too sweet! If this makes you want to, I’ll tell you all my secrets. I start with a yudane paste that will

Blood orange pie

A lovely seasonal blood orange pie with supremes for decoration. I add a little lime juice and a few raspberries to my cream to spice it up and pour it

Frittelle with Marsala sabayon

I just got back from another little trip to Venice and there were frittelle everywhere for the carnival season. These are doughnuts, a bit like “nun’s farts” topped here with

Fresh cheese and mandarin tartlets

I just came back from a short stay in Mexico City. This recipe has nothing to do with this country, but yet there were these tarts at my hotel breakfast.

Hazelnut Sage Blueberry Tartlets

I’ve been wanting to make blueberry tarts for a while, but I wanted to add an unexpected ingredient. I really searched and then I saw my jar of sage that