Ingrédient: de farine


I was recently offered a collaboration with , an online family butcher (the Dubois family) based in Rungis. The principle is simple: you order and you receive the order

Cheddar pistachio savory shortbread

Here is a recipe for small shortbread that I developed after having eaten similar ones in London. They are absolutely delicious and above all very crispy! You can keep them

Atayef Assafiri

Qatayef, or atayef (not to be confused with ktayef, pastry made from angel hair) is a delicious pancake filled with ashtalieh cream, rose and orange blossom water and crushed roasted

Wasabi Crispy Shrimp

As I travel much less than before, I look at my notebooks in which I wrote down the dishes I had tasted abroad. This dish of crispy wasabi prawns really

The Coconut pearls

If you have never tried Coconut pearls, it’s time to make them and eat them! These are small balls made of glutinous rice flour, very similar to “maqius”, but cooked


I’m back from a little trip to Italy and I’m also on the home stretch of my book which is coming out in March and I’ll tell you all about