Ingrédient: de sucre

Orange and Cranberry Scones

I recently made myself some breakfast scones, this time orange and cranberry. They are buttery, low in sugar and crispy on the outside, rich and airy on the inside. The

Spring Maki with Rice Leaf

This recipe is ideal for those who do not want raw fish or nori seaweed leaves. We see them everywhere nowadays and they are a real fresh delight! When the

Atayef Assafiri

Qatayef, or atayef (not to be confused with ktayef, pastry made from angel hair) is a delicious pancake filled with ashtalieh cream, rose and orange blossom water and crushed roasted

Coconut sesame peanut beads

I promised you, here are the coconut sesame and peanut pearls. After the coconut pearls with egg cream(recipe HERE), this variant is simpler in its ingredients, easier to find (there

The Coconut pearls

If you have never tried Coconut pearls, it’s time to make them and eat them! These are small balls made of glutinous rice flour, very similar to “maqius”, but cooked

Braised and caramelized lotus roots

Here is a very classic recipe to accommodate the lotus roots still sometimes very unknown in our countries. You have to like the slightly crunchy texture, but this version will