Ingrédient: de vanille liquide

Crunchy shortbread with hazelnut butter

I love experimenting with shortbread doughs and if you look in my cooking blog, you’ll find lots of them! Here, the fact of making a hazelnut butter, changes completely the

Cheesecake sans cuisson

No-Bake Cheesecake

I know that my cheesecake recipes on my cooking blog have been very popular with a large portion of my readers. I bet this one will take over! For once,

Cinnamon Babka

I’m back from another little trip to New York where I went back to Zabar’s (you can see the little report I did a while ago HERE). Many years ago,

Canelés from Bordeaux

Here is the recipe for canelés (yes there is only one N!) and everything you need to know to make them a perfect success! The recipe is a bit long

Carrot cake

Carrot Cake

The “Carrot Cake” or carrot cake is a sweet pastry that comes to us from the United States. It has only been famous there since the 1960s, but quickly became