Ingrédient: sucre

Puff pastry brioche

As you may know, I have just finished writing my 6th book, which will be published by Flammarion on November 18th and which marks my real return to the field

Salted Babka with basil pesto and pecans

I love sweet babkas, whether they are chocolate, cinnamon or Grand Marnier. But in a savory version, it is also a delight that will be perfect for a colorful aperitif!

Chilli salmon avocado maki

I’m an unconditional fan of maki. I had proposed it in my book “Je n’en ferai qu’une bouchée” published by Flammarion in 2016. I’m giving you a very good recipe

Double chocolate cake

During confinement, there is nothing like cooking for yourself and/or your family. Of course, if this goes on too long, we’ll all gain weight! But anyway, I suggest this double

Blood orange pie

A lovely seasonal blood orange pie with supremes for decoration. I add a little lime juice and a few raspberries to my cream to spice it up and pour it

Frittelle with Marsala sabayon

I just got back from another little trip to Venice and there were frittelle everywhere for the carnival season. These are doughnuts, a bit like “nun’s farts” topped here with

Fresh cheese and mandarin tartlets

I just came back from a short stay in Mexico City. This recipe has nothing to do with this country, but yet there were these tarts at my hotel breakfast.

Bread Pudding

On a recent vacation from writing my next book (due out in March 2020), I had bread pudding for breakfast. I then realized that I didn’t have this recipe on