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Short stay in South Africa. Time to show you the kitchen side of a steak house, those meat restaurants that are very common there! However, I hope to have the opportunity to go back and taste more typical flavors!
So here I am for a few days in Johannesburg! No time to go to Cape Town but certainly time to try a real meat restaurant! Especially with a good glass of wine from this country! I like strong wines, I am served! 14.5° for most of them that were proposed to me… The owner of the restaurant has kindly accepted that I go to the kitchen to bring you these pictures…
Everything in this place was meat! Cold rooms full of meat!
There is even a cook who specializes in cutting and tenderizing meat…

As I had the freedom to go wherever I wanted, I took the opportunity to go into this famous fridge to discover all these pieces! Beef, pork, ostrich, I feel like a carnivore!
Some pieces take a while to cook.

This is my favorite place, the grill and its ribs that are slowly caramelizing! Here I have a recipe that I haven’t put on the site yet! Can’t wait for August to have a barbecue!

The restaurant is finally in the same spirit as those found in Argentina or Chile. Meat, meat, more meat, wine, mashed or fried potatoes and creamed spinach…

It may be silly to take a picture of a steak, but the meat is so succulent that it deserved its portrait!
When leaving this kind of place we often need air! Especially after a portion of pap, a kind of heavy cassava polenta that fills the stomach very quickly!
Thankfully, Nelson is watching over us!

A quick wink even if it has nothing gastronomic, but we still had to take a picture of the vuvuzelas…! And yes I confirm, it is very noisy! Especially when people start for the first time and the sound is more like an elephant fart than a real horn sound!

Even in the handicraft markets, the vuvuzelas are there (in plastic made in China!!).
It is hard to find more typical places, as Johannesburg looks like the United States in some places!

Before going back to the hotel, a small demonstration of African dance on a wild rhythm! Too bad my camera doesn’t capture the atmosphere especially when a little old man starts dancing next to me!

It should not be forgotten that despite this small report that does not do justice, that South Africa is a very rich country from a culinary point of view. With influences from all over Africa, Europe and also from India (influence coming from the eastern islands). It is also the country where Rooibos grows, this plant with a particular flavor and without caffeine that has been appearing in tea shops for several years .

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