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Mamy Coco’s Beef Pastries

Difficulté : Medium
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Here is Mamy Coco who returns ! After his chicken Yassa, I propose you the recipe of his pastelles that we made together. A great moment of sharing culinary passion with an expert of the cuisine of her country: Senegal. I thank again Mamy Coco for sharing her recipe. You can prepare the pastels in advance and even freeze them, then reheat them in the oven for a colorful aperitif! The problem is that once you start, you don’t want to stop! 

A big thank you to Mamy Coco!

Recipe for Mamy Coco’s pastels:

-500g of flour T55
-1/2 bag of baking powder
-1 teaspoon turmeric powder
-1 half teaspoon of salt
-30g of margarine
-10g of olive oil
-1 egg
-190ml of water 

Beef stuffing:
-2 tablespoons of oil
-350g of ground beef
-2 onions
-1 red bell pepper
-1 beef stock cube
-1 to 2 tablespoons of double tomato paste
-1 teaspoon of yellow curry powder

Start by preparing the dough: 
Place the margarine, olive oil, salt, baking powder, turmeric and flour in a food processor or bowl. 

Knead until you have a sandy mixture. 

Add theegg and turn the processor back on. 

Add water gradually. The amount will depend on the flour used and the size of the eggs. 

You should get a homogeneous ball of dough. 

It is a little soft and elastic. 

Wrap it in cling film and let it sit in the fridge for the rest of the recipe. 
Prepare the ingredients for the stuffing. Remove the seeds from the bell pepper and peel the onions.

Put them in a blender to puree them. 

Put a frying pan over fairly high heat and pour in the oil. Add the vegetable purée. 

Take advantage of the water in the purée to add the beef broth. 

When everything is boiling, add the ground meat. 

Separate the meat well with a spoon. 

Add the yellow curry powder. 

As well as the double tomato concentrate. 

Now you have to let it cook and cook again…! The water must evaporate. It is necessary to mix well from time to time so as not to burn the bottom! 

The stuffing will gradually dry and become mushy: that’s what we want! 

Take the stuffing out and let it cool. 
Take a piece of dough and roll it out on a floured work surface. 

Cut out circles of dough with a 6 or 7cm cookie cutter. Here my dear Mamy Coco, it’s a simple upside down cup! 

Remove excess dough. 

Take a circle of dough and turn it over. Normally the underside is less floured and will stick without needing to add water to close the pastel. 
Put a little stuffing. 

Then close the pastel. 

Close the entire border with the tines of a fork. You have to insist because otherwise the pastels will open during the cooking…!

Do the same for the remaining dough and filling. This will result in a lot of pastels!

Heat a pan of oil and fry the watermelons until they are golden brown. 

Enjoy as an aperitif while still very hot with a little tomato, onion and pepper sauce! 

A big thank you to Mamy Coco for teaching me how to make this delicious Senegalese dish and especially for sharing it with us all! 

To contact Mamy Coco:
You can call him if you are in Orleans for Senegalese or exotic dishes…

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