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Direction Canada, more precisely Quebec! I’m taking you with me this time to Montreal to discover the local products. On the program, visit of the Jean Talon and Atwater markets. Then visit a small restaurant of Putin! Maple syrup, cranberries, pecans (pecan nuts) are all there!

Let’s go right away to our first market, the Jean Talon market… Follow the arrow!

An early arrival gives me the privilege to not have too many people and to visit at leisure all the places and corners of this market. And I’m lucky, the sun is out!

Of course, I immediately rushed to the maple syrup stand and left with a small bottle!

With the good weather, as for Seattle, the colors take on a life of their own! The seasonal fruits are all here… And especially the blueberries, so delicious!

If you want to visit a city, I really think you have to go to a market AND a supermarket at least once! What I do all over the world!

This garlic seems nicer than the monster elephant garlic I bought in the Pike Place market in Seattle!

The Jean Talon market is located on a square. The central market is covered and all around this square are a multitude of food-related stores! What an opportunity!

At the Jean Talon market, you will also find the Librairie Gourmande!

And the owner, Anne Fortin, will be happy to help you find the work you are looking for!

And this is the book she recommends to visitors! I didn’t buy it but it looked interesting…

The famous strawberries from Orleans Island…

But the colors and scents of the market do not need any comment…

Next to the “gourmet bookstore” is the “maple candy bakery”!

With appetizing pastries like the Cranberry Pecan Pie!

In the market there is also an exciting cooking store, “Cuizin”

A lot of kitchen articles will make the happiness of the cooks in search of utensils not found in France!

Let’s go now to the old Montreal…

To discover the restaurant “Montreal Poutine” at 161 St Paul East, specialized in poutine and smoked meat.

In the inner courtyard there is a shaded terrace where you can enjoy the light meals that follow…!

Let’s start the diet with the “Putin”. The photo is of the small portion… But what is Putin? Well, a combination of fries, fresh cheddar cheese curds and a brown gravy made with beef stock (and sometimes barbecue sauce, but it’s not traditional poutine).

And here is another specialty, the smoked meat sandwich.

Or maybe a smoked meat poutine!

After this meal, let’s go to the “Atwater” market to taste the dessert!

The Atwater Market is the other major market in Montreal at the “Lionel-Groulx” metro station.

Smaller than the Jean Talon market, it nevertheless reserves some nice surprises. Starting with the art deco building from 1933…!
First, an outdoor part with fruits, vegetables and flowers.

But also local products…

And an interior part…

The butcher’s shops follow one another and whet the appetite of meat lovers. Like these delicious “ribs”! Next month, I will post my recipe for ribs!

But also sellers of homemade pastries (despite the packaging), like these “date squares”.

The store “Le Vrac du marché” is worth a look!

Especially for its homemade “peanut butter”, creamy or crunchy!

And the “Première Moisson” pastry shop with its pecan pies…

The equally delicious sugar pies…

And many more!

To close this trip, a small passage in the Chinese district…

This area is really worth a visit and has some delicious restaurants!!! But for a real culinary trip in China, it will be for another time!
My recipes related to this trip: (click on the recipe title to access it!)

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