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My La Belle Assiette experience

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I was lucky enough to be able to test the service of La Belle Assiette. A really pleasant experience. Me, who cooks all the time, for the blog, for classes, for books or for myself, this time I really wanted to put my feet under the table. I am sharing on my blog this wonderful dinner from Chef Michel Hélène who came to prepare a delicious dinner for 6 people. Very original flavors with lots of citrus! He came to the workshop and I didn’t have to do anything. He prepares everything and puts it away. This gave me time to enjoy the time spent with my friends. A privileged moment that certainly has a price, but is a different option for a memorable meal. I let you see the photos  of this dinner in the suite below! labelleassiette.fr

I would like to emphasize Michel’s exemplary attitude, as he was very attentive to our needs. He had proposed a menu that I slightly modified to match the tastes of my guests. He arrived on time and then was very focused on what he was doing.

Here is the menu he made for us. It was a real gala dinner!

Half-cooked scallops with small mushrooms and meat juice
Marbled foie gras with prunes and truffle tapenade
Lobster tail and its tropical granita
Avocado dome with yuzu and fresh mango
Scallop carpaccio with truffle oil, seaweed tartar and fresh herbs
Half-cooked salmon with citrus fruits and beet cream with honey
Beef fillet with artichokes and pearls of marinated peppers, meat juice
Tangerine Entremet in white chocolate velvet, feuillantine ganache

I think the workshop kitchen was just right for this kind of exercise. It was a chef’s validation dinner offered to me by the site. I didn’t have to write an article, but when I see a chef who loves his work so much, I’m more than happy to write about it on my cooking blog! Small aperitif outside with a bottle of champagne! 

During this time Michel prepares the meal and comes to bring us the appetizers.

Here is one of them, with foie gras marbled with prunes. 

The avocado dome with yuzu and fresh mango.

A photographer came to immortalize this tasty moment. So for the time being I really did nothing but laugh, drink and eat! ????

Lobster tail with a tropical granita. 

Michel focuses on the entries. Scallop carpaccio with truffle oil.

Salmon micro-cooked with a honey beet cream. 

Preparation of the beef filet with artichokes.

And finally the dessert which was really delicious and very original. The mandarin entremet with a ganache and feuillantine. 

A big thank you to Michel Hélène for his delicious meal and to La Belle Assiette for this memorable dinner! https://labelleassiette.fr/

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