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Norwegian Artichoke Fund

Difficulté : Medium
Catégorie : Savory
I got this recipe from my mom. This is one of the first recipes I cooked over twenty years ago! It is a delicious artichoke base filled with a smoked salmon and salmon egg filling, on top of which is a poached egg with a runny center, all covered with a nice slice of smoked salmon. This is a very tasty starter!

Recipe for Norwegian artichoke bottoms
For 4 people:
-4 artichoke bottoms
4 large extra fresh eggs (from free-range hens please!)
-4 slices of smoked salmon (homemade is better!)
-Madeira jelly
For the stuffing:
  -2 artichoke bottoms
  -1 poached egg
  -1 slice of smoked salmon
  -2 tablespoons of vinaigrette (walnut vinegar, mustard, olive oil)
  -2 tablespoons of jelly
  -50g of salmon eggs
Start by steaming the artichoke bottoms. It all depends on the size of the artichoke bottoms. About 15 minutes. If they are frozen (which I highly recommend, especially those from Picard. On the picture it’s another brand, they are less beautiful but very good).
Prepare the jelly following the method indicated on the package of the purchased product. Let the jelly stand aside, but not in the refrigerator. We don’t want it to take completely.
Poach all the eggs in the recipe, i.e. 5 in all. Poaching an egg is not difficult at all. This involves putting water in a high-sided pan, almost to the edge. Add a good quantity of white vinegar. About 150-200ml. The liquid in the pan should come almost to the top, just to make room for the eggs. We will cook the 5 eggs at the same time.
When the liquid boils, lower the heat to a simmer. Break the eggs one by one into the liquid, bringing the white back towards the center of the egg. Break the 5 eggs all in a row. That’s why we use a pan and not a saucepan. The eggs are easier to catch and you can cook them all together because there is room.
Let cook for about 3 minutes. Remove them with a skimmer (yes, it’s feminine!) and place them on a plate lined with paper towels. Let cool.
When they are cold or warm (handleable!), cut the edges with scissors to give them a regular shape. Keep this excess egg white. Also, trim the slices of smoked salmon to round them off for placement on the finished artichoke bottoms.
Put the ingredients of the stuffing, the jelly, the dressing, everything except the salmon eggs (!!!) in the blender, adding the scraps of the cooked egg whites, as well as the scraps (there are not many) of the salmon slices. Mix quickly.
Put the stuffing in a bowl and add the salmon eggs. Mix gently.
Place the artichoke bottoms on a plate and put two tablespoons of stuffing on each.
Then place a poached egg on top of each.
And finally a slice of smoked salmon by folding it under the artichoke base.
When the jelly begins to set, brush each Norwegian artichoke base with it. 
Then let stand in a cool place for at least three hours. Time for the jelly inside the stuffing to set. Serve and enjoy!

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