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Green beans with sesame sauce

In a small Japanese restaurant that I really like, the Sake Lover (83 rue de Turbigo in Paris) that I adore, the food is traditional and you will only find

Soft buns for hot dogs, Yudane method

The yudane is like a small miracle. To get magically soft buns, buns and milk breads, yudane and tangzhong are pretty amazing solutions! I start with yudane, for those hot

Puff pastry brioche

As you may know, I have just finished writing my 6th book, which will be published by Flammarion on November 18th and which marks my real return to the field

Braised and caramelized lotus roots

Here is a very classic recipe to accommodate the lotus roots still sometimes very unknown in our countries. You have to like the slightly crunchy texture, but this version will

Coral lentil patties

For once, I’m offering you a more balanced recipe than the somewhat decadent dishes or desserts on the blog! I have to say that after writing and shooting my next

Crevettes panées Pankoco sauce tartare

Breaded shrimp Pankoco tartar sauce

Ah the breaded shrimps ! I love them especially with the wonderful tartar sauce. It’s a bit Machiavellian, by the way, because you eat one, then two, and you can’t

Fresh coral lentil salad

I was craving a small salad that was ultra fresh and healthy while still being nutritious. That’s the case with this coral lentil salad, cooked al dente, with raisins, pickled

Roasted Artichoke with Feta and Dill

A tasty little starter full of light! I love baby artichokes, especially when they are browned with olive oil. With a little feta cheese, dill and thin slices of red