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Praline bomb bar

Difficulté : Easy
Catégorie : Sweet
Cout : Low cost

Praline has always been synonymous with Christmas for me. The sweet scent of almonds and hazelnuts roasting in the caramel is quite festive and irresistible! Here I don’t really propose a recipe, but rather a funny method to make a rather unusual tablet. I keep my eggs in a basket at room temperature. Never in the refrigerator. As a result, I almost threw the egg holder out of my refrigerator. When I looked at it, I immediately saw a shelf filled to the brim with praline paste. Because the material of this holder is hard plastic, a bit like professional polycarbonate molds. I can guarantee you that this praline bomb bar will make people happy! 

  • Tempered chocolate (see method HERE)
  • Homemade 60% dried fruit praline (see recipe HERE
So this is not a recipe, but just an idea to make at home. So I took an egg carton from my refrigerator. I don’t use it because I keep my eggs in a basket at room temperature. Since this box is acrylic, I thought it could be a nice shelf!
The mold: samsung egg box 

Temper your chocolate as directed in the mycryo cocoa butter method HERE. Pour it to the brim in the tablet when it is 29°C. Remove excess and let set. Then pour the praline into the cavities, being careful not to exceed the level of the shelf to allow it to seal. 

I poured a little tempered chocolate over the praline first just to keep it from coming out later. 

Once this first little layer is set, I pour back some chocolate and this time I remove the excess by tilting the bar and scraping with a paint knife (I totally forgot to take the picture!! ). It is because the tablet is tilted to remove the excess that it is important to seal the praline first! 

Then let the tempered chocolate set. It becomes quite brittle and shiny without white streaks. 

My fantasy of the day: a little food gold that I always have in the cupboards!

It looks a bit like a piece of Lego but I find this shelf quite funny!

To be enjoyed with coffee and shortbread! ????

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