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Puff pastry tubes with flowing praline

Difficulté : Medium
Catégorie : Sweet
Cout : Affordable

I saw these tubes at Mamá Framboise in Madrid (their website is HERE!) and was immediately fascinated. Only one desire: to bite into it! I made them as I thought they could be made. No existing mold for this, so I went to a hardware store, and for less than 20€, I got the necessary to bake the puff pastry in a perfect tube shape! The contrast between the caramelized puff pastry, the hazelnut praline and the chocolate is completely addictive and really very very good ! 

Recipes for hazelnut tubes:
  • Inverted puff pastry (recipe HERE)

Hazelnut praline with 66% dried fruit (see method HERE):

  • 200g of hazelnuts
  • 100g of sugar
To conclude:
  • 400g of chocolate (I took caramel milk) (method for tempering HERE)
  • 70g of crispearls (small balls of chocolate covered cookies) in dark or milk chocolate
First, prepare your inverted puff pastry (see recipe HERE! ). It’s much easier than you think!

Then make the hazelnut praline. Pour the sugar into a large pan.

Add a little water just to soak the sugar. 

When the sugar boils to large bubbles, add the hazelnuts. 

Then mix well, let sand and caramelize. I invite you to see the whole process to fully understand everything. Everything is  HERE !

Pour onto a sheet of parchment paper or a silicone mat. 

Put in a blender to obtain a liquid paste. Pour the praline into a bag fitted with a 6mm nozzle. 

Roll out your puff pastry to 4mm thickness.

Here is the material used to make the tubes. I got everything from Leroy Merlin. I took aluminum tubes (definitely not galvanized steel that will rust in one use) round and square. You have to go to the tools department. There are tubes of one meter in length. You can ask to cut them in 4 tubes of 25cm (or in 5 of 20)
Whether you use round or square, you’ll need a small one and a larger one in diameter.
For the round I took a small tube of 1cm diameter and a larger one of 2,4cm.
For the square: 8mm and 2.4mm.
It also has to make sense to you to allow the puff pastry to bake.
In any case, take aluminum and cut them cleanly. You may need to file down the cutouts. But for a set of round tubes, I got about 20 euros for them. Same with the squares, but you don’t need both!


Take a thin tube and grease it with mold release spray. The tube should be a little longer than the dough. If necessary, cut the puff pastry to fit. 

Wrap the tube around the dough a little. When it overlaps by 5mm all the way, cut the dough and press the tube well to seal the dough from top to bottom. Do the same for all thin tubes. 

Roll the dough in the powdered sugar and remove the excess.

Then wrap the dough in parchment paper cut to size.

Put everything in the big tube. You may have to go back and tighten the paper tube. After 2, you’ll have the hang of it. If it really doesn’t fit, there may be too much dough. You will need to unroll and cut a small strip from top to bottom. 

And this is the result. I made several batches, so you’ll easily have 8 tubes of 25cm.

Bake for 35 minutes at 190°C. Take out the tubes of dough. 

Remove the parchment paper.

Then the inner tubes. Do this gently.

Let cool and then fill them with praline with the piping bag. Put the tubes vertically and fill them from the top. The praline will flow into the tube. You can turn them over to fill both sides. The praline will run a little bit out of the tubes, but nothing serious!

Temper the chocolate (see method HERE). I pour it when it is at the right temperature, roughly 31°C in a cake pan. It’s much more convenient to dip the tubes.

Dip them in the chocolate, then remove the excess. Then place them on a piece of parchment paper.

Let cool for 5 minutes, then add the crispies. If you put them on too quickly, just after the chocolate bath, the pearls will slip off the chocolate which is too liquid.

Let them cool to room temperature and then store them in an airtight box. Do not put them in the refrigerator. Enjoy them within 3 days! 

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