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Quiche Lorraine

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This is the classic Quiche Lorraine. Everyone knows this delicious and easy to make recipe. As I always want to stay as close as possible to the traditions, you will see that the migaine (the cream and egg mixture) does not contain cheese. With top quality ingredients and homemade dough, the quiche enters another dimension where simplicity takes on its full flavor. The quiche lorraine, although containing only cream and eggs, is very light and perfectly highlights the delicious smoked bacon. I used to make quiches that were always very thick, but this is actually supposed to be quite thin… I give you here the traditional way, but you can of course make all the variations and thicknesses you want! 

Recipe of the quiche lorraine:

Shortcrust pastry:
-250g of flour
-65g of cold soft butter cut into pieces
-60g of lard
-80g of water

-300g of heavy cream
-3 eggs
-300g of smoked bacon (or 250g of lardons)
-pepper, salt, nutmeg 

Start by preparing the shortcrust pastry. Put the cold butter in pieces and the flour in the bowl of a mixer fitted with the “k”, or simply in a large bowl if you don’t have one. 
In Lorraine, it can be traditional or family to put half butter and half lard. This is the way to go for a dough as close to the tradition as possible!

Start mixing to sand completely. Then add the cold water. I used 80g of cold water for type 55 flour. You have to go slowly to see how well the flour absorbs. 

Stir just to homogenize without insisting. 

Place the dough ball in a cool place in cling film for 30 minutes if the butter was cold, otherwise one hour. 

According to the size of the mould or the circle used, cut the ball of dough in two, then flour without excess. 

Spread between two sheets of parchment paper to avoid additional flour and keep the work surface clean. 

Line the pan or circle with dough. I use circles for the quiches because the shortcrust pastry is perfectly sealed. 
Don’t forget to grease the circle before casting!

Make sure you have a perfect right angle all around the circle inside. 

Cut off excess dough with a knife. 

Put the circle in a cool place while preparing the migaine. 

Preheat the oven to 200°C.
Prepare the pork belly. 

Cut off excess rind. 

And cut into small pieces.

Brown the cut breast in a hot pan.

Until the lardons have rendered their fat and the juice has evaporated. 

Prepare the migaine by putting the heavy whole cream, eggs, salt and pepper in a large bowl. 

Stir briskly to make the mixture liquid. 

As you can see, I baked the dough to white and then sealed the dough with egg white. Then I tried another quiche without baking the dough, putting the migaine directly into the raw dough.
What’s the difference? NONE!!! I put the pictures if purists really want to follow this method, but if the oven is at the right temperature, the result will be the same!!! 

Put the drained smoked bacon on the pastry base (raw or cooked…).

Pour the migaine over the dough. Add pepper to taste.

Bake in the oven at 200°C for about 30 minutes, keeping an eye on it and adapting it to your own oven. 
The quiche will puff up enormously, then fall completely out of the oven within 10 minutes. 

Carefully unclamp. 

Eat the quiche warm or reheated in the oven with a green salad! 

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