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Raspberry Vanilla Tiramisu

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 When I made this recipe on “instinct”, I didn’t expect it to be so good! After my classic tiramisu recipe, I present you this raspberry tiramisu that doesn’t look like a real tiramisu anymore, as its flavor is so different. A perfectly smooth and creamy cream with a powerful vanilla flavor, envelops and enhances the freshness and soft texture of fresh raspberries!  The whole on cookies with the spoon soaked in raspberry coulis with raspberry brandy… A real sin, but one that eats itself! I will make this tiramisu again soon and take new pictures…!

Recipe for Raspberry Tiramisu for 8 people:

-500g of fresh raspberries (imperatively!!)
-750g of mascarpone
-3 large eggs
-120g sugar
-30g of powdered sugar
-1+1/2 vanilla beans
-200g of raspberry coulis fresh or frozen
-100g water + 30g sugar
-50ml of raspberry brandy
-250g of sponge cake
-gold dust or powdered sugar

Put the raspberry coulis (see recipe here) in a container with the 100g of water (more or less so that the coulis can soak sufficiently the cookies with a spoon) and the 30g of sugar.

Add the raspberry brandy.

Stir the coulis to dissolve the sugar and set aside.
Separate the whites from the yolks. Put the yolks with the 120g of sugar and whiten to the maximum with an electric whisk. 

Open the vanilla pods and scrape the vanillin with your thumb, then add it to the “yolks+sugar” mixture. 

Add mascarpone in three additions, whisking to incorporate and aerate. 

The more you whisk, the more the mascarpone becomes airy and takes on a light and incomparable consistency. 

Whip the egg whites until stiff with a dash of lemon juice or a pinch of cream of tartar. 

Add the powdered sugar and squeeze the whites. 
Add the stiffly beaten egg whites to the vanilla mascarpone mixture. 

Mix while lifting, so as not to make the whites fall back. 

Dip the cookies in the raspberry brandy coulis. Soak them well with the coulis. 

Place the cookies tightly in a gratin dish or in the dish chosen for presentation. 

Add half of the mascarpone cream.  

Spread well then put half of the raspberries on the cream. 

Press lightly with the palm of your hand to press the raspberries into the cream. 

Pour in the other half of the cream. 


Then place the raspberries on top of the tiramisu as desired. 

Place in the refrigerator for at least 3 hours before eating!

The tiramisu is creamy and goes perfectly with the fresh raspberries! 

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