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Silikomart, new partner of the blog and the workshop

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Silikomart molds have been seen everywhere in professional and consumer stores for years. But this has been exploding for a while and it must be said that their molds give free rein to our imagination. I wasn’t a fan of silicone for cooking anymore, but when I discovered everything that is currently being done, freezer cakes with inserts (even if it was done before too, but not as much as it is today), I changed my mind. For my workshop and the blog, I already have nice partners and this time I took my phone back to create a new partnership, with Silikomart. No I am not paid by the brands, but I naturally use their products and I also use them for my classes. For Silikomart it’s the same thing but I took the opportunity to go to Venice to discover their factory and their school during a training I had during 2 days there. When you like to cook, it’s a bit of an Alibaba cave! I invite you to visit the backstage of this brand, between the impressive store, the Hangar78 and the place where the molds are made ! 

After a short flight from Paris to Venice, I headed in the middle of summer in the heat to the Silikomart headquarters.

There is absolutely everything on site. The school, Hangar 78 trains professionals and amateurs. It is there that I spend 48 hours for my training at Silikomart. We made a lot of recipes there and I will share some secrets with you! 

Here we see my other partner: Kitchenaid! My first love of youth! 

There are lots of different rooms, tons of ovens and cooling cells. My workshop has all this, but on a much smaller scale! 

On the floor below is the store with all the brand’s references. As much as to say that I spent time there ! 

Whenever I had a break during my training, I would run downstairs to wander the aisles alone.

Silikomart has partnered with some of the world’s greatest pastry chefs and we see some of their work here. 

I’ve been looking into these new molds for a while now, and I can’t wait to share with you lots of new recipes that will come out of them!

In the store, which is very large, there is the general public part and the part of the pro moulds. You can tell the difference by the color of the silicone. White is usually for the chefs. But whatever the color, the quality of the silicone is the same!

The little macaroon boxes are perfect to bring as gifts!

Imagine me alone in the store! I had to get out of there!


We see here the cocoa butter in spray super convenient because no need to put it in a water bath beforehand. For a velvet effect on a cake, it takes only seconds! 

I told you it was Alibaba’s cave ! 

For my workshop, I put a lot of references aside. Since I also rent it out to people who teach baking classes and use these types of molds, it’s very helpful to have plenty of choices. 

When I say there is everything, I am not lying! Between the grids, the pockets, the rhodoïds, the gloves etc., one does not know any more where to give of the head! 


You will find references in pro stores or on the internet for pro molds, and consumer molds can be found in all kitchen stores.

The offices are right next door and that’s where they develop the designs on the computer.

Across the street is the factory where they make the molds.

Here we see the two tanks, one for the silicone and one for the catalyst. A machine recovers the material and mixes it. The silicone is then injected under pressure into the metal dies where it cures in seconds. A clamp comes to recover the formed mould. That’s for the simpler reasons. 

Here we see the white silicone (pro) with 3D effect. It is this effect that has changed the game in recent years and that we can make all the designs for cakes always more incredible. 

Here we see the matrix of a 3D mold.


The demolding is done by a person who will then cut the trace where the silicone was injected.

You need a very heavy die for each mold, and given the number of references, there is a lot of stock! 

Now all I have to do is get back in the kitchen and concoct a lot of new delights for you!

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