Accueil Savory Thai fried ballotins with pork and kaffir

Thai fried ballotins with pork and kaffir

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The fried pork and kaffir leaf ballotin is very crispy, fragrant, very lightly spiced.  With a blender, it will only take a few minutes to make the stuffing. The folding is very simple and the effect is great! With the sweet and spicy sauce, these ballotins are real little wonders. Must be tried urgently!

Recipe for 4-5 people:
-a package of “Wonton” leaves (at Tang’s or in Asian grocery stores!)
-330g boneless pork loin, chopped
one third of  bouquet of coriander (only the leaves)
-2 Chinese onions
-one tablespoon of red curry paste
-an egg white
-one teaspoon of cornstarch
-about ten kaffir leaves, central vein removed
This is what a “kaffir leaf”, also called “lemon leaf” or “combava leaf”, looks like. It is often sold frozen in Asian grocery stores.

Put all the ingredients in a blender and ….. press the button! Very difficult!

The stuffing is ready in seconds!

Take a wonton leaf and fill with the equivalent of a teaspoon of pork stuffing.

Fold the box in such a way as to obtain something pretty (thank you Leandro for this beautiful folding!!) . Fold over the edges and press down to close the box.

Heat oil, then plunge the ballotins. When these are golden, they are ready!

To be enjoyed very hot. After cooking, tie the ballotin with a stem of Chinese onion, tied and cut. They can be served with a sweet and spicy sauce, a little bit slimy that is sold as a sauce for egg rolls in supermarkets!

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