Accueil Sweet Thousand Hole Pancakes (Baghrir)

Thousand Hole Pancakes (Baghrir)

Difficulté : Easy
Catégorie : Sweet
Cout : Low cost
This is a recipe that I really love since I rediscovered it during my stay in Morocco. Lalla Myriam did not imagine letting me leave without making me “baghrirs” or “thousand holes” pancakes…! These pancakes are all light and airy. This way, they absorb the honey and melted butter even better. A real torture, especially when they are heated in a tagine dish, a few minutes on the fire, the time to let the honey and butter caramelize together. The baghrirs are then all soft and full of sweetness! But you can also eat them with whatever you want: jam for example. I love these pancakes and make them all the time because they take very little time to prepare and cook, are pretty economical, and are finally balanced if you don’t put butter and honey in them. I eat it instead of bread for breakfast. Obviously in Morocco, women prepare the baghrirs with measures and sometimes do not get the thousands of small holes. So I also made the recipe at home with the advice and proportions of Lalla Myriam, but I weighed everything at each try until I got the perfect recipe, to be able to reproduce for sure these famous holes which give the softness to the “thousand holes” pancakes. 

Recipe For a dozen pancakes thousand holes:
-370g of cold water
-215g of fine semolina
-25g of flour
-10g of sugar
-two good pinches of salt
-1 packet of dehydrated baker’s yeast
-2 teaspoons baking powder
Put the water in the blender container with the baker’s yeast.

Add the semolina.

As well as flour, salt and sugar.

Mix well for at least 2-3 minutes to obtain a smooth paste. Moreover, by mixing, we will heat the whole, hence the importance of putting cold water. At the end of the 3 minutes, the dough is warm and starts to heat up.

Let rise 15 minutes, the dough will swell and form lots of little bubbles. If the dough doesn’t bubble too much, it’s not too bad! At this point, add the two teaspoons of baking powder and blend again for 20 seconds.

Heat a small frying pan over fairly high heat. It is necessary to master the cooking and to adapt according to the result which you have in front of you! 
Pour a small ladleful of dough. 

 If it’s a Teflon pan, I just grease it with a little oil on a paper towel, every 3 or 4 pancakes.

Bernard’s tip: depending on the reaction of the dough (it depends on the ambient heat, the heat of the plate or the gas…) it will be necessary to put more or less dough, to let the dough spread by itself or on the contrary to help it a little by moving the pan… You have to find your own solution! 

The pancake will “bubble”!

You should only cook on one side: this way, the pancakes will stay soft. When all the dough appears cooked (which is not yet the case on the picture!), just take it out and start again with a new ladle of dough!

You can see the thousands of little holes. There are even holes in the holes! 

Serve the baghrirs with hot honey and butter… 

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