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Vanilla Macaroons

Difficulté : Difficult
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Here is my very personal version of vanilla macaroons. I don’t know how many times I’ve experimented with this recipe to get this result. I wanted a very dominant vanilla flavor without anything else. A famous pastry chef offers us a recipe based on white chocolate but I find that we only smell it! Hoping that my recipe gives you staisfaction!!!

Recipe for vanilla macaroons for about thirty macaroons:

-A basic recipe for


 with 12g of white coloring (titanium oxide) added in the Italian meringue 
Vanilla topping:
-70ml of water
-1 vanilla bean
-a pinch of vanilla coutea ude powder
-1 packet of vanilla sugar
-1 whole egg
-125g of soft butter
-1 teaspoon of titanium oxide
-1 sheet of gelatin
-30g of cornstarch
-125g of caster sugar
20g  of almond powder

Proceed to the preparation of the macaroons (see recipe

Recap in pictures.
You can add a pinch of vanilla powder to the so much for so much.

This is the titanium oxide that will allow the macaroons to remain white during baking.

Contiinue with vanilla topping. Put the egg and 50g (of the 125g) in a bowl. Whisk lightly and add cornstarch.
Soak the gelatin sheet in cold water.
Put the 75g of sugar with the water and the vanilla bean split in half and scraped in a saucepan. Also add vanilla sugar and vanilla powder. Boil. Stop cooking and let infuse for 10 minutes off the heat.

Pour syrup over egg mixture. Mix well and then return to the pan. Cook gently, never stopping to stir. Boil gently until mixture thickens. At this point, add the wrung-out gelatin.

Mix well, then add the titanium oxide (I use this coloring to amplify the contrast with the vanillin grains) off the heat.
Add the almond powder.

And finally add the butter in pieces.
Mix well and let cool. When the filling starts to set, put it in a piping bag and garnish the macaroons. Leave in a cool place for one night before consuming.

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