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Walnut Pralines

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I went to the Périgord not long ago and discovered many specialties based on nuts. That’s good, I’m crazy about it! I present you the nut pralines which can be nibbled as they are, or go into the composition of recipes that I am going to propose you very quickly. They will keep for a very long time. Very easy to make, you can also offer them in a nice package. You will see that they will be very successful… 

Recipe for 500g of nut pralines:

-300g of walnut kernels
-200g of sugar

Choose your walnut kernels so that they are as beautiful as possible. 

Pour the sugar into a large pan with a little water just to soak it and stir with a spoon. Heat over moderate heat. 

When the bubbles thicken, add the nuts.

Stir to coat well with the thick syrup.

While still stirring, heat until the syrup crystallizes. It will dry.

Make sure the nuts are well coated with this granulated sugar. 

Keep mixing to avoid burning the nuts. Heat until a thin layer of caramel coats the nuts. All the sugar should not melt, but just a very thin layer. 

When done, pour onto a good quality parchment paper or silicon mat. Let the nuts cool. 

As soon as they have warmed up, put them in an airtight box. They can be kept for a long time, while waiting to use them in a recipe or to eat them as they are! 

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