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This time we are in Boston, Massachusetts in the New England region. On the program of my short stay, a meal in the most famous restaurant of Boston, the “Union Oyster House” then a visit of the “Haymarket” and “Quincy Market”… You will discover the famous clam chowder and crabcakes, even if they come from Maryland. I also invite you to discover Thomas’ website who lives in Boston, Cure Happiness (this one is in English), who was kind enough to give me some good addresses on the spot!

Head to the “Union Oyster House” to taste some regional specialties. 

On their website, this is what it says about this restaurant:
“The Union Oyster House is the oldest restaurant in Boston and the oldest continuously open restaurant in the United States its doors have been open to customers for dinner continuously since 1826.”

At the front counter, the waiters are busy preparing the seafood on their bed of ice. 

As soon as I arrived, a small plate with a piece of “cornbread” served hot with butter. This roll is really delicious. You can see my recipe here!

As an appetizer, a delicious “clam chowder”. It is a rich and creamy soup with chunks of potatoes and lobster claws. I was really excited!

There are especially in this restaurant seafood like these cockles served raw …

But mostly I wanted to eat these delicious “crabcakes” which are actually more Maryland. These are small flattened fritters with crab meat. It’s very tasty and hearty!

They are served with a small herb mayonnaise. A real delight!

A little walk in Boston at the end of the day to go to the Haymarket, right next to the previous restaurant.

I arrived a little late, but there was still a bit of excitement! 

It is a classic fruit and vegetable market but one of the few in the city center. 

There are lots of exotic fruits and vegetables and looking at the pictures I really thought it looked like Sao Paulo!

Despite its small size, this market is lively and friendly.

And there are stores lining it and even fishmongers in the basement. 

Some dried fruits in airtight boxes that are often found in American “delis”. Those who know New-York will surely remember seeing this kind of boxes with cashew nuts or other dried fruits!

For the second market, much more touristic, direction Quincy Market…

But before, I walked a little in the city… No doubt, we are in the United States!

Especially when you come across a bagel shop!

Here we are at the Quincy Market which is in fact a gallery covered with small food stands to take away. 

It looks a lot like the Atwater market in Montreal. 

Some stands will hold my attention like Bagelville.

With all the beagles you can imagine. 

In another style, these little coolies really…monstrous!

All these coolies made me want to. Yes I admit it! I also love American desserts! But I think we knew that with the cookies, muffins and other carrot cakes that are already on my site!

Boston is also famous for its seafood (as in the Union Oyster House). 

And  you can find delicious sandwiches filled with crab meat.

And for those who want to spend less money or eat fewer calories, there are always fruit salads.

And we still find the “clam Chowder” but this time served in a hollow bread… 

The whole area around Quincy Market is very lively. Many restaurants surround it. 

And to finish on a sweet note, you can always find in the basement of the market, this small restaurant of ice cream very “fifties”!

My recipes related to this trip:

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