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Here is the recipe for the cheesecake! Following the request of many readers by mails, I finally deliver it to you! There will be various variations in the future on my blog. For a first cheesecake recipe, I give you a lighter recipe, with a creamy center, an optional lemon cream topping and a more airy and melting texture before attacking later the much denser and richer New York cheesecake. Our “cheesecake” of the day is quite thick but almost light (in texture!) like the ones you can find in the famous American stores “The Cheesecake Factory”. Delicious especially when you eat light beforehand, at the risk of not taking full advantage of its richness!

Cheesecake recipe:

-210g of “digestive” cookies
-125g of butter
-20g of sugar

-900g of cream cheese
-35g of flour
-1+1/2 teaspoons liquid vanilla
-1+1/2 teaspoons lemon juice
-the zest of half a lemon
-250g of sugar
2 whole eggs + 1 yolk
-235g of heavy cream

Lemon topping:
-150g of heavy cream
-20g of sugar
-2 teaspoons lemon juice

One important point before we begin:
The ingredients must be at room temperature (especially the cream cheese) to avoid lumps.
This is the cream cheese. In France, you can find mainly the Philadelphia brand, but as long as it’s cream cheese with an unreduced fat content, it’s good!

And here are the digestives that can now be found very easily in the supermarkets in the “world products” section!

Start by preheating the oven to 160°C and putting the digestive cookies in a large bowl. 

Grind to a powder by hand or give it a whirl in the blender! Add the sugar…

And the melted butter.

Mix well. 

Place a sheet of parchment paper in a 23 cm (8″) diameter springform pan. Simply open the mold, place the sheet and then close to wedge it in.

Pour the powdered batter into the pan. 

Then press well with the back of a spoon. 

Bake for 10-15 minutes (at 160°C).

Next, prepare the cheesecake cream. Place the cream cheese at room temperature in the bowl of a kitchenaid or kenwood food processor. You can do without it and make it in a large bowl with a hand whisk. The principle is not to “overbathe” the cream!

Start mixing on low speed to give a creamy texture and avoid lumps. You can let it run for 2 minutes. 

Add sugar and flour and mix well. 

Add the liquid vanilla. 

Squeeze a lemon.

And pour the lemon juice (1+1/2 teaspoons). Also add the zest of half a lemon, the whole eggs and the yolk. 

Finish with the crème fraiche. 

Let it run just to mix but no more. On the picture I have some lumps! Follow the steps in the recipe to avoid this. I wanted to do it faster and this is the result! 

Pour the mixture into the mould, which has been buttered on the sides or with a strip of baking paper on the inside. 

For an extra moist cheesecake, place a small pot of boiling water at the bottom of the oven to create a steam in which the cake will cook.
Bake for 10 minutes at 200°C then lower the temperature to 90°C and bake for 30 minutes. The cheesecake is at this point set on the sides, and a little shaky in the center. This is exactly what we are looking for! Let the cake cool to room temperature in the oven. It takes about two hours! 

Remove the cheesecake, and place the pan in the refrigerator for….24 hours! That’s how long it takes to get the perfect cheesecake! 

The next day, prepare the “topping” by putting the crème fraiche, sugar and lemon juice in a small bowl. Mix well. 

And pour the whole on the cheesecake and spread well with a spatula. 

Put back in the fridge for a good hour and serve well chilled. 

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