Cuisine: Japonaise



I have been a total fan of sushi, sashimi, maki, temaki etc. for a long time. Even if of course the expertise is reserved to real professionals, we can still

Spring Maki with Rice Leaf

This recipe is ideal for those who do not want raw fish or nori seaweed leaves. We see them everywhere nowadays and they are a real fresh delight! When the

Green beans with sesame sauce

In a small Japanese restaurant that I really like, the Sake Lover (83 rue de Turbigo in Paris) that I adore, the food is traditional and you will only find

Chilli salmon avocado maki

I’m an unconditional fan of maki. I had proposed it in my book “Je n’en ferai qu’une bouchée” published by Flammarion in 2016. I’m giving you a very good recipe

Crevettes panées Pankoco sauce tartare

Breaded shrimp Pankoco tartar sauce

Ah the breaded shrimps ! I love them especially with the wonderful tartar sauce. It’s a bit Machiavellian, by the way, because you eat one, then two, and you can’t


Japanese grilled riavolis, or “gyozas” are very strongly inspired by Chinese dumplings from Shanghai. Definitely the Chinese have invented everything! They are however richer in garlic and have no spice.