Ingrédient: de beurre doux

Orange and Cranberry Scones

I recently made myself some breakfast scones, this time orange and cranberry. They are buttery, low in sugar and crispy on the outside, rich and airy on the inside. The

Crunchy shortbread with hazelnut butter

I love experimenting with shortbread doughs and if you look in my cooking blog, you’ll find lots of them! Here, the fact of making a hazelnut butter, changes completely the

Raspberry vanilla lemon tart

A little wonder in the mouth, that’s really the feeling when you bite into a piece of this pie. A crisp pastry, a rich and fluffy almond cream, a tender

Strawberry, lemon and basil pie

A new strawberry pie with a new pastry technique. I had seen a similar pie at Yann Couvreur’s, but I didn’t have the time to taste it. I figured out

Canelés from Bordeaux

Here is the recipe for canelés (yes there is only one N!) and everything you need to know to make them a perfect success! The recipe is a bit long

Pate feuilletee inversee

Reverse Puff Pastry

The inverted puff pastry combines the advantages of baking. So why “inverted”? Instead of putting the butter in the tempera, the fat is around the tempera. Reverse puff pastry is