Ingrédient: sucre

Braided Brioche

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted any bun recipes. So it’s time to catch up! This time I’m offering you my recipe for braided brioche, super soft and

Phở satay and shrimp soup

Satay phở soup is a fairly recent variation of traditional Vietnamese phở soup. I did not see it during my travels in Vietnam, but in restaurants in France. Whether traditional

Cheddar and Broccoli Scones

I discovered these amazing salted scones with cheddar and broccoli during a short stay in Vancouver. Served warm, I can’t stop devouring them… They looked exactly that way: a little

Lemon squares

A long time ago, almost 10 years, I posted a lemon meringue pie. This time I offer you these lemon squares with a rich but just incredible creamy taste, very

Hazelnut Sage Blueberry Tartlets

I’ve been wanting to make blueberry tarts for a while, but I wanted to add an unexpected ingredient. I really searched and then I saw my jar of sage that

Blue raisin and walnut cake

This recipe is one of the unpublished ones in my books. But I really wanted to share with you this delight from my third book “I’ll take a bite out