Type de plat: Apéritif

Cheddar pistachio savory shortbread

Here is a recipe for small shortbread that I developed after having eaten similar ones in London. They are absolutely delicious and above all very crispy! You can keep them

Wasabi Crispy Shrimp

As I travel much less than before, I look at my notebooks in which I wrote down the dishes I had tasted abroad. This dish of crispy wasabi prawns really

Green beans with sesame sauce

In a small Japanese restaurant that I really like, the Sake Lover (83 rue de Turbigo in Paris) that I adore, the food is traditional and you will only find

Savoury bear garlic cake

A good friend gave me a huge bag of wild garlic freshly picked in the forest. Many thanks to Flore, I invite you to check out her Instagram page HERE!

Labneh with zaatar

A very good friend Gaëlle, once made me this dish to serve as an aperitif or starter. It’s tasty, fresh and delicious! Its little extra: toasted pine nuts that decorate

Crispy shrimp

Here’s a simple recipe for crispy, golden shrimp. They are perfect as is with the sauce of your choice, or to incorporate into another recipe that I will tell you

Jalapeño Poppers

Delicious jalapeño peppers filled with cream cheese, cheddar and red bell pepper. I had tasted some in Seattle a while back at a great waterfront restaurant near the university in

Salted Babka with basil pesto and pecans

I love sweet babkas, whether they are chocolate, cinnamon or Grand Marnier. But in a savory version, it is also a delight that will be perfect for a colorful aperitif!

Zucchini flower fritters

This recipe is really easy to make at home. The dough is ready in two minutes and the cooking takes very little time. In less than 10 minutes, everything will