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Here is the small report on the day “clicks and taste”. A day full of deliciousness and various recipes offered by bloggers and chefs professionals!  

On April 22, 2011, at the Atelier Cirelli at 24, rue Condorcet in the 9th district of Paris, took place the event “Des Clics Et Du Goût” to which I was invited. 
“Des Clics et du Goût – Culinary meetings
 is a day of culinary meetings on the theme of the values of the kitchen, between tradition and modernity.
This project is based on the desire to bring together a public increasingly fond of cooking, by inviting amateurs (bloggers) and professionals (chefs, sociologists). Thus, all will be able to exchange around their common interest.
A day  theoretical : in opening, a round-table will deal with the limits between amateur and professional cooking, by confronting the point of view of the professionals on the increasing mediatization of the amateur and the point of view of the amateurs on their work.
Culinary blogs, a true gastronomic phenomenon, will serve as a basis for this analysis.
It will be a question of examining several questions: what is the place of the blogger, sometimes neither completely amateur nor completely professional? Why such a passion for cooking? How do professionals position themselves in the face of this craze? What is the future for these different actors?
A day participative : cooking demonstrations by bloggers, followed by a tasting of the preparations for lunch; creative workshop “seasonal basket”; meeting with bloggers, chef, authors; barter of utensils, tips, equipment. 
This meeting is a cultural event that encourages sharing and reflection, at a time when the French gastronomic meal is included in the list of intangible heritage of humanity byUNESCO (November 2010)

The bloggers 

Mercotte : “I created my blog in 2005 to exchange and share in a friendly way. Through an educational approach, I try to demystify chefs’ recipes and make them accessible to . My blog is rather sweet and focuses on macaroons. I also host a daily culinary column   on France Bleu pays de Savoie.”
His website : www.mercotte.fr
Mercotte will speak during the demonstration (11:15-12:30) and the discussion/meeting (14:15-16:15).
Elise : “After studying art, I joined the ESAD in Reims and graduated in 1999. Designer touching everything, I experiment different fields  of creation. Passionate about gastronomy and a curious cook at times, I started in 2008 in the field of culinary design, being interested in particular  in molecular gastronomy and its applications in culinary creation. In March 2009,  the website Eatdesign.fr is born. Dedicated to culinary design and my experiments in the kitchen, the site presents both a showcase of my work, a look at the world of creation in the kitchen and a free forum where everyone can express themselves, exchange ideas and ask questions.
His website : www.eatdesign.fr
Elise will speak during the round table (9:45-11:00).
Edda : “Un déjeuner de Soleil, a blog dedicated to the world of cooking (recipes, photos, good addresses and stories) is my playground, with a touch of nostalgia for Italy.
Of Italian (my father) and French (my mother) origin, I have been immersed in these two cultures since I was a child and I am very attached to them. Gourmet and curious since always, it is quite naturally that I started to be passionate about cooking. The magic and the sharing are always there. Then, with the blog, two other great passions were born: writing and photography. One thing leading to another, they became my job.
My cooking is simple, fresh, seasonal, with a strong preference for fruits and vegetables. It is inspired by my Italian origins, the generous cooking of my grandmothers, the market, the cupboard, travels, cookbooks as well as my small daily discoveries.
His website : www.undejeunerdesoleil.com
Edda will speak during the demonstration (11:15-12:30) and the discussion/meeting (14:15-16:15).
Anne :” Literary cook, literary and cook, I am not the first one… Already, Ragueneau
made verses between two desserts for Cyrano.
I present myself to you, wearing three gourmet toques:
Culinary editor,
Culinary stylist,
And above all, a cook at heart: even as a child I pushed the chair against the stove to get up to the height of the magical and promising pans…
Today, no more need for a chair (although!), but the happiness every day to learn and share my passion and my culinary moods… “
His website : www.panierdesaison.com
Anne will speak during the round table (9:45-11:00) as well as the creative workshop “La cuisine de saison” (15:00-16:45).

Bernard : ” Gastronomy is an important tradition in every corner of the world. It serves to characterize, to make a particular culture. But at the same time, it serves as a means of communication, because being interested in gastronomy means being interested in people. I see cooking as a great sharing: savoring a dish is savoring an encounter. Whether it is a meeting with my friends, or a meeting with the Chinese or South Americans. Whether it is an encounter with my contemporaries, or an encounter with those who are no longer here. Those whose recipes we receive are always a memory. To cook is to travel. Traveling in the world and in the memory.  In my site, I try to pay tribute to all these traditions: the near and the far, the old and the recent. I love making Bordeaux canelés as much as I love making Hong Kong dim-sums . I grew up in a gourmet family, and with my parents, I learned to appreciate the pleasures of cooking. I love being able to pass them on and share them.”
His website :  lacuisinedebernard.com
Bernard will speak during the round table (9:45-11:00) and the demonstration (11:15-12:30).
Silvia : “Italian living in France for ten years and passionate about cooking thanks to my grandmother’s heritage, I created my blog in 2007 to share my culinary roots, tell the stories of the dishes and make the French-speaking public discover an authentic Italian cuisine, often unknown outside Italy.
Thanks to the blog, cooking has become more important in my daily life and over the years I have made it the keystone of my job as a trainer/consultant in communication and marketing. Today I use cooking as a support for my courses, I conceive and I animate among other things culinary workshops to measure, for the private individuals and for the companies. I am the author of the book ” Italian Aperitifs ” which received the GourmandWorld Cookbook Award in the category of the best Italian cookbooks of 2010.
My thread is still the blog, through which I continue to share, learn and exchange with other enthusiasts and it is a great happiness. “
His website : www.savoirsetsaveurs.com
Silvia will speak during the discussion/meeting (2:15-4:15pm) as well as the creative workshop “La cuisine de saison” (3:00-4:45pm).

The leaders

Yannick Leclerc
He fell into the pot at an early age when he pushed open the doors of the Maxim’s. As a true gourmet, he went on to starred restaurants in palaces(Maison Blanche, Lucas Carton, Taillevent, Bristol, Saint James Paris…). He is now celebrating his 20 candles of gastronomy in the beautiful kitchen ofAlain Cirelli – Culinary Events.
Jérôme Thiers
This cheerful 28 year old chef has spent more than a third of his life in the gastronomic kitchens of Paris(Philipe Starck, La Tour d’argent, Saint James Paris…). He now enthusiastically shares his tips, tricks and tricks of the trade with visitors to the workshop Alain Cirelli – Culinary Events !
Jeffrey Cagnes
“I started my apprenticeship with Patrick Mallard, pastry chef and chocolatier in Avignon, and I discovered a real passion for this profession. In order to broaden my skills, I went to Paris where I joined the team ofthe Storher pastry shop to do my year of complementary mention during which I lived a great experience .
Afterwards, I acquired another perception of pastry making as a clerk with Sébastien Gaudard which allowed me to evolve. The following year, I returned to the company Storher : management, management, development and pedagogy were the key words of these two years. Then I invested my knowledge in the benefit of the Japanese pastry named Yamazaki in the position of chief.
Today, after all these enriching experiences, I am a chef for the famous restaurant of the table Hédiard, which allows me to blossom and grow in complete freedom.”
Jeffrey Cagnes will speak during the roundtable (9:45-11:00).

The professionals

Patrice Flichy is a professor of sociology at the University of Paris Est and a member of the Laboratoire Techniques Territoires et Société (LATTS). He is a specialist in innovation and information technology.
He has published Le sacre de l’amateur (2010 – Seuil). “We are living a silent revolution: the rise of the amateurs, these passionate people who are neither novices nor professionals, but brilliant jacks of all trades! Thanks to computers and the participative web, they have all aspects of contemporary culture. (…) A new reign is coming, blurring all boundaries: that of the pro-am (professional-amateur), self-taught expert, citizen-actor, creator in his own right.”
Patrice Flichy will speak during the round table (9:45-11:00).
Cyrielle Boutaud is a web journalist and community manager for the public portal alimentation.gouv.fr, a site to discover the news of our food daily. Seasonal products, local recipes, interviews with chefs and bloggers, testimonials from farmers … ” From the fork to the plate, it is a site that informs consumers and all those interested in cooking. “
Cyrielle Boutaud will speak during the round table (9:45-11:00).

So here are the pictures of this day!
To begin, here are our organizers for this meeting:
From left to right, Julie, Jules and Pamela!

This culinary meeting is actually a project for their school of communication. And I must say that the challenge was met with flying colors!
And the kitchen that will be used to feed all the gourmands who came to meet the bloggers and chefs professionals. It is the Atelier Alain Cirelli.

Here is my form! I must admit I was proud to see myself pinned to the wall! Like what, it does not take much!

It’s only 9:00 am and here are already some people arriving! A large breakfast buffet was available! Too bad, we had to come! 

Then begins the “round table” (everyone laughed when they saw the square table). So it was a discussion between the chefs’ and bloggers’ cuisine.

It’s amazing how easily I lose track of my idea and almost systematically forget   the question I’m asked…!

Then it’s time for the demonstration! The only problem was that everyone was cooking at the same time! Too bad for me, because I would have loved to see the others show us their talents! 
Here is Edda with her blog appetizing “a lunch in the sun”. 
And our famous and adorable Mercotte and her macaroons! 

And me with my crunchy Cordes sur Ciel! I had also made “Khao Tang Nah Tang”    .

But I must admit that I had a hard time cooking in this kitchen that I didn’t know! We probably get too used to our own utensils! I had to make some fried Thai pork and kaffir leaf ballotins, but there was no blender…! But everyone had prepared so many delicious things, that I think it wasn’t a big deal after all! 

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