Cuisine: Italienne

Frittelle with Marsala sabayon

I just got back from another little trip to Venice and there were frittelle everywhere for the carnival season. These are doughnuts, a bit like “nun’s farts” topped here with

Lasagna Bolognese

I’ve just returned from another short stay in Italy. I always enjoy it! I had a really delicious lasagna and I wanted to share my version with you. It takes


I’m back from a little trip to Italy and I’m also on the home stretch of my book which is coming out in March and I’ll tell you all about

Broccoli Spinach Soup

With the cold weather, there’s nothing like a nice, warm, comforting soup. I often make seasonal soups, but I came across some organic broccoli and spinach and really wanted to

Risotto with black truffles

A luxury dish for an exceptional dinner. I had the privilege of receiving two beautiful black truffles from Périgord, courtesy of my friends Maryse and Olivier, owners of Café Louise

Pasta “A La Carbonara

Everyone knows pasta carbonara. Charcoal sauce is often made with cream, but no, there is no cream! I offer you the original recipe, with pancetta, pecorino, eggless durum wheat pasta,



“Pull me up” or Tiramisu in Italian, keeps its promises. A spoonful of this creamy, smooth cake and your spirits are instantly lifted! With this recipe, you get a light,