Ingrédient: d'ail

Lu Rou Fan, Taiwanese braised pork

A delicious braised pork that comes to us from Taiwan. The recipe is really very simple to make, there will be just a few ingredients to get in Asian grocery

Caramelized pork with ginger and lemongrass

I often make this dish during my Vietnamese cooking workshop. This is not exactly the very traditional caramel pork, as the ingredients are a little different. The sauce is extremely

Poulpe Grillé

Grilled Octopus

A real culinary love at first sight as I like to experience it! For example, I didn’t rediscover spinach until I was 25 years old. I had always hated it

Zucchini pie with ricotta and dill

I’m getting a little ahead of the season, but I came across zucchini in the organic section of my local market. I suddenly had a craving for sunshine on my

Artichoke caviar

A quick and simple recipe that already smells good! This little artichoke “caviar” can be made in a blender in a few minutes (well, after cooking the artichoke bottoms!) and


I like falafels, I loooove falafels! Crispy and golden, they are tender inside. And then it’s so easy to do, that it would be wrong to deprive yourself of it…!