Ingrédient: d’huile

Lobster rolls and Shrimp rolls

I am a real fan of those shrimp or lobster hot dogs that we see in the United States and more and more in our country. So I suggest both

Caramelized pork with ginger and lemongrass

I often make this dish during my Vietnamese cooking workshop. This is not exactly the very traditional caramel pork, as the ingredients are a little different. The sauce is extremely

Crevettes panées Pankoco sauce tartare

Breaded shrimp Pankoco tartar sauce

Ah the breaded shrimps ! I love them especially with the wonderful tartar sauce. It’s a bit Machiavellian, by the way, because you eat one, then two, and you can’t


Tarama is a specialty of the Mediterranean basin, from Greece to Turkey, and each country has its own recipe. With cod or mullet roe, I offer you my recipe, which

Carrot cake

Carrot Cake

The “Carrot Cake” or carrot cake is a sweet pastry that comes to us from the United States. It has only been famous there since the 1960s, but quickly became

Asparagus sauce mousseline

Here is an extra-simple recipe that perfectly reflects spring with these delicious slightly crunchy green asparagus!! The interest of the recipe lies above all in the mousseline sauce with chives.