Ingrédient: egg yolk

Blood orange pie

A lovely seasonal blood orange pie with supremes for decoration. I add a little lime juice and a few raspberries to my cream to spice it up and pour it

Frittelle with Marsala sabayon

I just got back from another little trip to Venice and there were frittelle everywhere for the carnival season. These are doughnuts, a bit like “nun’s farts” topped here with

Hazelnut Sage Blueberry Tartlets

I’ve been wanting to make blueberry tarts for a while, but I wanted to add an unexpected ingredient. I really searched and then I saw my jar of sage that

Soft Buns

I love burgers, but I’m very picky. Going to a fast food restaurant is out of the question for me. A good burger place yes, but I still like them


Tarama is a specialty of the Mediterranean basin, from Greece to Turkey, and each country has its own recipe. With cod or mullet roe, I offer you my recipe, which