Ingrédient: de sel

Orange and Cranberry Scones

I recently made myself some breakfast scones, this time orange and cranberry. They are buttery, low in sugar and crispy on the outside, rich and airy on the inside. The

Cacio e pepe

I have just returned from Rome where I spent a few days of vacation again, that I already offer you a really simple recipe! The translation being “cheese and pepper”.

wild garlic pesto

It’s still the season, so I’m taking advantage of it. Wild garlic pesto is totally irresistible! I put it everywhere, in pasta, coral lentils, on bread… Again, a thousand thanks

Crunchy shortbread with hazelnut butter

I love experimenting with shortbread doughs and if you look in my cooking blog, you’ll find lots of them! Here, the fact of making a hazelnut butter, changes completely the

Coral lentil patties

For once, I’m offering you a more balanced recipe than the somewhat decadent dishes or desserts on the blog! I have to say that after writing and shooting my next


I’m back from a little trip to Italy and I’m also on the home stretch of my book which is coming out in March and I’ll tell you all about

Mango chutney

The other day I ate a mango that wasn’t really good, and I ended up making a chutney out of it, kinda haphazardly. Delicious with lots of things: rice, foie

Lemon-poppy seed cake

I’m always looking to experiment in my kitchen and I have an incredible number of recipes that I don’t post on my cooking blog. And one of my worries is

Chocolate Tartlets

These little tartlets are really delicious! A fine crispy pastry with a very chocolatey firm and melting cream-ganache, a pure wonder! My version is simple to make and here I